Step 1. Wireframe the site flow

In my scant spare time, I am working on a side project. I get a few hours here and there to work on it and haven't been too pleased with my progress to date.

There is no customer for this project, really. I have no deadlines apart from the ones I set for myself. As a result, i've been a little disorganized about getting underweigh.


The Ever Lovely Java 500 NULL error

While refactoring today, I got a dreaded Java 500 NULL error. This is by far my least favorite error because ColdFusion gives ABSOLUTELY no helpful information at all as to where the error occurred.

I am not sure why this error happens outside of the coldfusion error handler, you know, the one with the nice pretty information. Apparently it happens during a part of the process where coldfusion has no control, because coldfusion is usually tops on giving proper information onError.

After staring blankly at my screen for a few minutes, I tracked it down to the following section of code:


Apache, Directory Aliases and Virtual Directories

I realized I misconfigured Apache the other day. Apache wasn't serving files from my virtual directory, rather from the root folder named the same. After looking at my Apache configuration, I noted I was missing a leading slash in my Alias directive. Sort of hard to spot, so I hope this helps someone else.


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CFMX 6.1 versus CFMX 7: War of the Arrays

Arrays in 6.1 are passed differently than in CFMX 7. I know this to be true.

What does that mean?

There are at least two ways to pass the contents of a memory address. Let's look at each:


My Travels with Apache, Subversion and Windows XP Pro 64bit

A few days I completed an installation of Subversion on Windows XP Pro 64. Subversion usually a pretty easy set up. In this case I was setting up subversion on an XP Pro 64 bit OS and there was an annoying wrinkle to the process.

I didn't know much about 64 bit windows, just that it could supposedly run 32 bit applications with no problem. (You know backward compatibility and all that bollocks). At this point, I wasn't much worried about incompatibilities, seemed like a piece of cake.


I'm warning you Vongo


Ok. What is Vongo? More importantly, who do these Vongo people think they are? Check out the site to learn about and share stories about Vongo.

I bought a new HP laptop a few weeks ago. It is quite a nice laptop with some very well laid out features. The laptop model is HP dv5000 series. It has some fun features, like the integrated 6 in 1 card reader, which have come in real handy as well as It has a 15.4" widescreen display, DVD writer, an Intel Core Duo processor, Windows XP Pro and preloaded with 1.5 GB of Ram. It was exactly what I was looking for. Not to mention when was the last time you saw a laptop from the factory with 1.5GB of RAM? Seems like an odd number, doesn't it? I think that kept rolling around in my head (1.5 GB? 1.5GB? ) until I bought it just to keep the noise from rattling around my corpus collosum any further.


No Dans?

I personally have nothing against people named 'Dan'. I promise...

My name happens to be Dan and coupled with my last name 'Wilson', this makes for the second most common name in the english speaking world. The first, is John Smith.

I picked this name for my blog after the No Homers Simpsons episode so if your name happens to be 'dan' don't worry, if they let me in here, they'll allow you as well.

There might be others named Dan, but I am the only Dan Wilson in existance. The others are merely alter egos. You can see from Google I keep quite busy...

Some of my alter ego accomplishments:

Professional baseball player

Semi-accomplished musician

Actor, playwright, stage and film director and producer, improvisational comedian, voice over artist, fine artist, podcaster, cartoonist, poet, and author.

Robotics Engineer

And of course, I have my own Wikipedia page

It is quite exhausting keeping up with myself as you can see.

My Lucky Day

Wow, this is exciting.

view plain print about
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Normally, I would RUSH to email these guys so I can make sure I get my half a million euros. In this case I have a feeling that Macintosh will pull their sponsorship once they notice the mispelling 'Mackintosh'.

Of course, the clowns probably mean Apple - makers of the Macintosh computer.

---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: To: Date: Sat, 16 Sep 2006 10:38:39 +0100 (GMT+01:00) Subject: L D L Dear Winner,

(Batch # UML010/C2) (Ref. # 428/77/UML)

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