Apache, Directory Aliases and Virtual Directories

I realized I misconfigured Apache the other day. Apache wasn't serving files from my virtual directory, rather from the root folder named the same. After looking at my Apache configuration, I noted I was missing a leading slash in my Alias directive. Sort of hard to spot, so I hope this helps someone else.


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My Travels with Apache, Subversion and Windows XP Pro 64bit

A few days I completed an installation of Subversion on Windows XP Pro 64. Subversion usually a pretty easy set up. In this case I was setting up subversion on an XP Pro 64 bit OS and there was an annoying wrinkle to the process.

I didn't know much about 64 bit windows, just that it could supposedly run 32 bit applications with no problem. (You know backward compatibility and all that bollocks). At this point, I wasn't much worried about incompatibilities, seemed like a piece of cake.