Step 2: Making Connections

Ok, so the site is pretty much wireframed out. I was very tempted to make the wireframe look better. You know, the little details, formatting and other bits that make a site look nice. Big waste of time at this point, in my opinion. I was still tempted though.

Now the site has a navigation and some links all pointing to different pages. All sections of the site are naked divs with borders turned on. This looks hideous, but helps keep everything separated.

I have a good feel for the User Experience now and haven't changed much in a little while so I think I am sorted on the flow. I'll probably make some changes later, but for now, it is good enough.

I am also getting bored with wireframing right now. It is time to announce the next phase of the project:

Connecting The Dots

In this phase, I'll begin to tie all of the sections together with the database. For example, forms will now write data to the database, there will be dynamic lists coming out from the database, charts will spring forth and so on.

Things I am going to do

  1. Make all the forms for the site
  2. Add the user messaging for each of the site functions
  3. Add in various javascript functions for client site behaviour and widgets.
  4. Start thinking of a general design for hte site. This is a fun area for me, especially since I won't be doing it.
Keeping with tradition:

Things I am not going to do

  1. Form validation
  2. Sitewide exception handling
  3. Styling the application
  4. Writing most of the forms to the database

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