Special Guest Josh Adams Presents ColdFusion Builder in RTP March 30th

Special Guest, and TACFUG favorite, Josh Adams from Adobe will visit March 30th to present a special session on ColdFusion Builder. Food and drink will be provided and all are welcome.

Directions and RSVP are at the TACFUG Home Page

Make sure to tell your friends and co-workers about this special event!

I present You Got Your ColdFusion In My Adobe Air! to TACFUG March 18th

You Got Your ColdFusion In My Adobe Air!

Meeting: 3/19/09 6:00 PM SRA International

Come see how to use ColdFusion to power an Adobe AIR desktop application.

Adobe AIR is quickly gaining momentum as a pioneer of the Rich Desktop. ColdFusion is a rapid development platform providing rich services and timely functionality for business applications.

When the two come together, it is the greatest combination since Reeses Peanut Butter Cups...

More info at TACFUG

OO Code Camp Starts This Week

In 2009, TACFUG will put on a free series of courses on Object Oriented programming in ColdFusion. We originally had slots for 20, constrained by the size of our location, and we are pretty much at capacity.

We realized this topic would have broad appeal and tried to creatively think of a way to record these sessions. Frankly, the material and the characteristics of our location does not lend itself to recording this meeting.

As a consolation prize, we will make the material used in OO Code Camp available to any other User Group that wants to use it. Just drop us a line at the TACFUG site, we'll get it over to you.

Thanks go to Alagad for sponsoring the series with Pizza. Thanks also to Doug Hughes and to Phill Nacelli for letting us use their previous OO presentations for ideas/content.

OO Camp comes to RTP, NC

We work fairly hard at TACFUG to keep our members informed and engaged in key information about programming and ColdFusion. Recently, Jim and I, put out a request for topics and we found some challenges in meeting the need. Some of our members have a long history of programming in ColdFusion and want to branch out into Object Oriented programming, but for one reason or another just haven't. Jim and I came up with an OO Code Camp concept and floated it out to our group to gauge interest.

Here was our announcement:

The fine folks at TACFUG (me and Jim) are seriously considering doing an OO camp starting in January. OO Camp will be a crash course on OO in ColdFusion. Ideally, we'd cover the topic in 3 or 4 evenings spread over a couple of months. This crash course will be designed to teach OO concepts and how to efficiently work with ColdFusion components. If you are new to OO or do not think you are using OO effectively, this crash course is for you. There will be no cost for this event though we may take up a donation for Pizza. Who would be ready to commit to coming to 3 or 4 evenings of OO camp? Please use this email thread for comments, questions and such about the proposed OO Camp. Feel free to extend this offer to others in your company, organization, Facebook Network, etc that would find this helpful as well.

We got a good bit of interest, certainly more than enough to justify running OO Code Camp in RTP.

Jim and I will be teaching the class and while we are pretty darned good at what we do, we've never run an organized class on this topic before. To make sure we cover all the bases and deliver appropriate, encompassing training, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the multitude of talented readers of this blog for their advice. We want to deliver the core concepts of Object Oriented Programming in a practical, hands-on fashion. Please offer, by commenting below, any constructive advice, suggestions, key topics that you feel we should cover.

Thanks in advance!

Interested In Helping Promote Adobe User Groups? We Need Your Ideas!

Update: Download Meeting Notes

Today on Twitter, a number of us expressed interest in a meeting about how to promote and expand our User Groups. This is an important issue because we put a lot of time and effort into providing a quality User Group experience for our members. I imagine most groups are like ours (TACFUG) and have considerably more registered members than consistent attendees. We want to get some ideas out in the open about what is working/not-working and collaborate on ways to extend our reach. Your input is valuable and much appreciated.

I'll be scheduling and hosting a Connect meeting and want to open up to all User Group Managers/Co-Managers that are interested in this topic. The date for the meeting is Monday Sept 29th at 7:00 PM EST. If you are interested in attending, please register by leaving a comment below. If you can't make it and wish you could, leave a comment as well, maybe we'll switch the day/time just for you :).

The URL for tonight's meeting is http://experts.na3.acrobat.com/danwilson/ and it will be open before 7:00 EST.

I Present Fun With ColdSpring to TACFUG Tonight

Just a friendly reminder, tonight I am giving a presentation on ColdSpring to the Best Darned ColdFusion User Group out there!

We'll cover installation, Dependency Injection, Factories, Configuration, Dynamic Properties, Complex DI Strategies and also look at some practical usage.

As usual, Pizza and refreshments for all. We're going to have a good time tonight.

More info on the July Meeting Page at TACFUG.org

The zip containing the code files reviewed in the application is attached to this post. Click the download link for Fun With ColdSpring Files.

Download Download

Presenting on Moving from Procedural Architecture to Object Orientation at TACFUG on March 25th

If you would like to know how to migrate an existing procedurally programmed application into an object oriented one, grab a chair and sit for a while.

We'll discuss some sensible guidelines designed to help you make incremental changes towards OO nirvana.

We'll also look at lots of code samples, we all like code samples, right?

Note: New Meeting Location

The meeting begins at 6:30 and will be held at PStrat in a new Location:

10 Laboratory Drive, Building 2
Research Triangle Park, NC 27709

Directions: From I-40, take the Davis Drive exit (280).
Turn right at the end of the ramp.
Turn right onto Laboratory Drive (if you reach Cornwallis Road, you've gone too far).
Turn right at 10 Laboratory Drive.
Veer left and drive around back to get to the main entrance for the building on the left (Building 2).
The meeting space is on the second floor.

View Larger Map

See you there!

Do you live near Research Triangle Park?

I've created a group on ColdFusionCommunity.org just for you! Join ColdFusion in RTP today and get to know your fellow developers.

Automate Your Work. Do More With Less. Go Home Earlier. Jim Priest @ TACFUG Tonight

Do you dread testing your applications? Do you get bored typing 'asdasd' in the First Name field of your forms? Have you ever accidentally forgot to test functionality in your application only to have it all go down in flames when you launch to production?

While that has never happened to me, (looks around shifty), there are ways to reduce testing effort while gaining test coverage through automation.

The Triangle's own Jim Priest will give a talk tonight about Selenium. You need to be there.

As an added bonus, Jim will also give an encore presentation on ANT.

RSVP for the meeting at TACFUG.org

Meeting Details:
Location: Pstrat / http://www.pstrat.com/who-office.cfm
Time: 6:30pm
Food: Pizza / drinks

TACFUG and RDAUG are also looking for a new meeting spot. If you have meeting space available in the RTP area, please let us know.

TACFUG Meets Tuesday November 6th - Jim Priest On Selenium and ANT

Tuesday November 6th, Jim Priest will present on Selenium IDE and ANT. I am a big fan of both of these tools for Rapid Development. I was out of town when Jim gave his initial ANT presentation so I am pleased he is giving an encore.

Selenium is a framework for testing web based UI. ANT is a framework for scripting and automation. Both are very easy to learn and extremely powerful. Proper use of Selenium and ANT will increase the quality of your production software, reduce repetitive work and save you time. You need to have these tools in your tool chest.

The meeting starts at 6:30 PM, details are at the TACFUG Website. You may RSVP here.

BTW, If you do not know Selenium, watch this 3 minute clip.