Interested In Helping Promote Adobe User Groups? We Need Your Ideas!

Update: Download Meeting Notes

Today on Twitter, a number of us expressed interest in a meeting about how to promote and expand our User Groups. This is an important issue because we put a lot of time and effort into providing a quality User Group experience for our members. I imagine most groups are like ours (TACFUG) and have considerably more registered members than consistent attendees. We want to get some ideas out in the open about what is working/not-working and collaborate on ways to extend our reach. Your input is valuable and much appreciated.

I'll be scheduling and hosting a Connect meeting and want to open up to all User Group Managers/Co-Managers that are interested in this topic. The date for the meeting is Monday Sept 29th at 7:00 PM EST. If you are interested in attending, please register by leaving a comment below. If you can't make it and wish you could, leave a comment as well, maybe we'll switch the day/time just for you :).

The URL for tonight's meeting is and it will be open before 7:00 EST.

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9/24/08 1:22 PM # Posted By Jim Priest

I'm there!

9/24/08 1:27 PM # Posted By Ben Nadel

I'm in on this one.

9/24/08 1:27 PM # Posted By Aaron Wolfe

I am interested.

9/24/08 1:34 PM # Posted By Seth Bienek

I'm in.

9/24/08 1:38 PM # Posted By Dan Vega

Great Idea & I am really glad to see someone take charge with this. I will be there.

9/24/08 1:41 PM # Posted By Nolan Erck

Being a co-mgr of a UG myself, I'm very interested in this info as well. Alas, I'm booked on Sept 29, but if you can post the recording of the meeting, that'd be appreciated. :)


9/24/08 1:44 PM # Posted By Brian Meloche

You had me at hello. :)

I'll be there.

9/24/08 1:53 PM # Posted By ike

I'm not a manager, but I'm definitely interested in more user group involvement, so I plan to sit in. :)

9/24/08 2:04 PM # Posted By Joshua Cyr

Either I or our co-manager will be there!

9/24/08 2:05 PM # Posted By Brian Rinaldi

I manage the Boston CFUG and would like to join but 7pm on a weekday is kid-watching time for me. Perhaps my co-manager can attend.

I think this is a good idea. I have put a lot of effort into my group and lately we get perhaps 8-9 people (sometimes worse) out of a mailing list of 100+. It's disheartening to say the least and often doesn't feel worth the effort.

9/24/08 2:09 PM # Posted By Steve Bryant

I'm there!

9/24/08 2:21 PM # Posted By Yancy Wharton

I'm in

9/24/08 2:31 PM # Posted By Jason Dean

I'm in. I have an Internal Group at the MN Dept of Health and I am involved with the Twin Cities CFUG here too. I really want to see an improvement in attendance for both.

9/24/08 3:03 PM # Posted By Troy Pullis

Sounds good, I'll try to make it. Thanks for the alert Jason. Isn't this part of the 5X strategy? No matter how much swag or food we offer, it's ALWAYS what speaker we have that drives the headcount at our meetings.

9/24/08 3:30 PM # Posted By Mike Cooper

I'm game.

9/24/08 3:49 PM # Posted By John Whish

Great to see this subject being raised. I am the UGM for Devon CFUG. We're 5 hours ahead in the UK so that is midnight here which is a bit late for me on a work night, but I'll be very interested in what everyone has to say.

9/24/08 4:28 PM # Posted By Jason Graves

I'll be there if there's beer and free software.

9/24/08 4:54 PM # Posted By Christoph Schmitz

I manage the German CFUG and definitely would love to attend. But, that's 2:00 am for me, and unfortunately I'll have to work on Tuesday. ;-)

9/24/08 6:42 PM # Posted By Mark Mandel

For those who want to convert to other date and times:

I wish I could make it, but unfortunately it land square in the middle of a High Holiday, so I have religious observances :o(

I assume you will record it?

9/24/08 8:47 PM # Posted By Ryan

How about having Adobe put a paper insert into all boxed versions of CS4 products. Likewise, when people register their products they could receive an email promoting user groups. I suspect a large percentage of the user base doesn't realize there are user groups.

9/24/08 10:32 PM # Posted By Rick Mason

Definitely try and make it.

9/24/08 11:57 PM # Posted By Bob Silverberg

Damn Dan, don't you know that the 29th is my son's birthday? I'd love to attend, but I'll be eating cake. We're actually making a concerted effort to increase attendance at our meetings in Toronto and just put out a survey to our membership to that end. Great idea, but I guess I'll just have to watch the recording.

9/25/08 6:24 PM # Posted By Ryan Stille

I would love to participate, but that is the evening right before I fly out of town so I might not be able to. I hope the session is recorded, I'd like to see what ideas everyone comes up with.

9/29/08 11:19 AM # Posted By Ezra Parker

I'm a bit late to the party here, but I'm hoping to be able attend if I can.

9/29/08 11:48 AM # Posted By Brian Meloche

I am going to still try to make it, but I have had a few things come up today that may make me miss this. I wanted to mention it in case I'm not there.

9/29/08 3:21 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

Thanks for all who wanted to attend. You should get this via email if you have subscribed to the post.

The URL for Tonights Meeting is

I should have the room open and ready for business by 6:30 if you want to come in and hang out. I'll also put this in the post above.


9/29/08 4:39 PM # Posted By Dee Sadler

Well, funny you bring this up today. I help run the Manager to Manager meeting at Summit each year. We had a great turn out this year and I was just talking to someone who is a Community Manager to start doing a monthly Connect session. I've revamped what was the New Managers Guide to include Co-managers and some of the changes that have happened recently.

So I am saying there are plans in place to help us out as managers, but this is a nice surprise Dan.

9/29/08 6:05 PM # Posted By Erik Porroa

I'll try to make it! ... I'm Adobe UG Peru's Co-Manager.

9/29/08 6:12 PM # Posted By Sumi Lim

I will try to join

9/29/08 6:51 PM # Posted By Elaine Giles

Sounds great myself and my co-manager will try to get there

10/1/08 10:09 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson

The meeting notes have been compiled. Simply visit this blog article again and click on the link at the top of the post. Your input is always appreciated.

Dan Wilson

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