OO Code Camp Starts This Week

In 2009, TACFUG will put on a free series of courses on Object Oriented programming in ColdFusion. We originally had slots for 20, constrained by the size of our location, and we are pretty much at capacity.

We realized this topic would have broad appeal and tried to creatively think of a way to record these sessions. Frankly, the material and the characteristics of our location does not lend itself to recording this meeting.

As a consolation prize, we will make the material used in OO Code Camp available to any other User Group that wants to use it. Just drop us a line at the TACFUG site, we'll get it over to you.

Thanks go to Alagad for sponsoring the series with Pizza. Thanks also to Doug Hughes and to Phill Nacelli for letting us use their previous OO presentations for ideas/content.

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