OO Camp comes to RTP, NC

We work fairly hard at TACFUG to keep our members informed and engaged in key information about programming and ColdFusion. Recently, Jim and I, put out a request for topics and we found some challenges in meeting the need. Some of our members have a long history of programming in ColdFusion and want to branch out into Object Oriented programming, but for one reason or another just haven't. Jim and I came up with an OO Code Camp concept and floated it out to our group to gauge interest.

Here was our announcement:

The fine folks at TACFUG (me and Jim) are seriously considering doing an OO camp starting in January. OO Camp will be a crash course on OO in ColdFusion. Ideally, we'd cover the topic in 3 or 4 evenings spread over a couple of months. This crash course will be designed to teach OO concepts and how to efficiently work with ColdFusion components. If you are new to OO or do not think you are using OO effectively, this crash course is for you. There will be no cost for this event though we may take up a donation for Pizza. Who would be ready to commit to coming to 3 or 4 evenings of OO camp? Please use this email thread for comments, questions and such about the proposed OO Camp. Feel free to extend this offer to others in your company, organization, Facebook Network, etc that would find this helpful as well.

We got a good bit of interest, certainly more than enough to justify running OO Code Camp in RTP.

Jim and I will be teaching the class and while we are pretty darned good at what we do, we've never run an organized class on this topic before. To make sure we cover all the bases and deliver appropriate, encompassing training, I thought it would be a good idea to ask the multitude of talented readers of this blog for their advice. We want to deliver the core concepts of Object Oriented Programming in a practical, hands-on fashion. Please offer, by commenting below, any constructive advice, suggestions, key topics that you feel we should cover.

Thanks in advance!

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12/22/08 10:29 AM # Posted By David Buhler

I'll drive in from Atlanta for it!

12/22/08 11:00 AM # Posted By marc esher

one thing I know I struggled with initially, and see others currently struggle with, is the idea that objects are more than just bags of standalone functions. I think when you move from cf5-UDF land, where you're used to including a big library of functions, into CFC/OO, there's a tendency to treat components the same way you treated UDF libraries.

Getting across that shift in mentality, from "bags of functions" to "objects with data and functions that work on that data", would be a worthy goal.

in my head, i think of it like this: unless it's a "utility/helper" component -- or a service-type object which requires no instantiation -- if I can call cfinvoke on functions in that component without creating an instance of that component, then i'm probably doing something wrong. Or, at the very least, that's a "smell" to me.

good luck guys!

12/22/08 3:29 PM # Posted By Brian

Will you guys be recording these?

12/22/08 10:01 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson


I'm not 100% sure of the format just yet. If we can come up with a workable format for recording, we'll do it.

We will make our materials available for other cfugs interested in running their own code camp.

We already have some interest for this.

12/23/08 6:25 AM # Posted By John Whish

Hi Dan, the user group I run (Devon CFUG) would be really interested in getting our hands on the materials! Keep us posted :)

12/23/08 10:01 AM # Posted By Matthew Williams

What location are ya'll planning to hold this at? Is it going to be more towards Durham, or farther West?

12/23/08 10:53 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson


At this point, we'll hold the OO Code Camp in RTP. You are welcome to attend.


12/23/08 2:03 PM # Posted By Damond Nollan

I know members of Web Services at North Carolina Central University would be interested in coming and if we can do anything to help out...let me know.

Damond Nollan
IT Manager
Web Services
North Carolina Central University

12/30/08 12:54 PM # Posted By Brian FitzGerald

Great idea Dan and Jim. I am going to plan on attending from Greensboro and see if I can drag some of my knucklehead associates along (that means you, Will) :)

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