Fix For Eclipse RCP Patch 2 for 3.3.1 (3.3.1.v20071204_331) requires feature "org.eclipse.rcp (3.3.1

I'm blogging this before I forget what I did. Sorry if this is jumbled.

I was trying updating Flex Builder (Eclipse) and got an error message:

Fix For Eclipse RCP Patch 2 for 3.3.1 (3.3.1.v20071204_331) requires feature "org.eclipse.rcp (3.3.1)
Clicking around, I also got this message:
The current configuration contains errors and this operation can have unpredictable results. Eclipse RCP Patch 2 for 3.3.1 (3.3.1.v20071204_331) requires feature "org.eclipse.rcp (3.3.1.R33x_r20070802-8y8eE8sEV3Fz0z0GlHJrXvTAUS)". Eclipse RCP Patch 3 for 3.3.1 (3.3.1.v20080102_331) requires feature "org.eclipse.rcp (3.3.1.R33x_r20070802-8y8eE8sEV3Fz0z0GlHJrXvTAUS)"

No matter what I tried to update/install, I'd get these errors and there seemed to be no way around them.

Sometimes I feel like an idiot trying to decipher these error messages because there is no clear way to find out how the heck to update the RCP stuff anyways. The good news is I did find a solution. Here's what you do to resolve this:

  1. In Eclipse (or Flex Builder) go to Help -> Software Updates -> Manage Configuration
  2. When the Product Configuration box pops up, expand the tree until you see the plugins listed. Some will have red error icons next to them. These are the ones we want to disable.
  3. Click each product identified with a red icon, and click the disable link in the right hand pane.
  4. Wash, Rinse, Repeat.

Once you disable the products with red icons, go try to run your update/install once again. It will work this time!

Financing CFEclipse

I am a big fan of CFEclipse. I use it pretty much every day and using it opened up a whole new world for me. Before, I was a file editor, happily editing files. Now, I use an entire technology stack built on eclipse that make me productive, efficient, source-controlled and test-driven. Life is good.

One thing I really like about CFEclipse is I do not have to pay to install it. Thus, I have it on 5 computers. I don't often use all 5 at once, I'm no mutant, but I like the freedom to work on whatever I want, at whatever location I want. There's more, you know. I could gush all day long about the benefits of CFEclipse. But I have a point to make.

Recently on the CFEclipse mailing list, someone started a discussion on Let's Pay for CFEclipse. Some good points were brought up during the discussion and I also found out about the SuperCoolApparel available at However, the best way to show gratitude is by cutting a check. So today I made my first monetary donation to CFEclipse and I feel great about it.

I'd often thought of making a donation but just never actually clicked the CFEclipse Paypal Button (at the bottom of that page, if you are looking for it). So a big thanks to Rick Faircloth for starting the Let's Pay for CFEclipse thread. It was a great motivator for me to donate to a project that has really provided me with significant benefits over the last 3 years.

How to recover a deleted file in Eclipse

Today I accidentally deleted a file in Eclipse. I didn't even know I did it until I ran my code. I am not even sure how I deleted it. My best guess is the current focus was on the project explorer and some strange key combo sent the file to the netherworld.

Eclipse, as you probably know, does not use the Windows 'recycling bin'. As luck would have it, the file was long, complex, just freshly debugged and not yet in version control.

I was able to recover the file by using the Restore from Local History option located in the context menu inside the project navigator.

"What?!?! I thought that only worked for files, not directories..." , you might say. I thought the same thing. Thankfully Eclipse is smart enough to know that when humans are behind the keyboard, expect the unexpected.


Eclipse Performance Settings

On the CFEClipse mailing list today, Sonny Savage posted a link to Eclipse performance settings. I thought I would repost the link for others. Have a look at the Performance Settings for Eclipse.ini

Also, for posterity, the CFEclipse Wiki has other interesting articles such as:
Installing RDS support
Line Numbers (a common question)
Restoring Deleted Files
The Preference Pane

If you use eclipse, you owe it to yourself to read over the Table of Contents for the CFEclipse Wiki.