Financing CFEclipse

I am a big fan of CFEclipse. I use it pretty much every day and using it opened up a whole new world for me. Before, I was a file editor, happily editing files. Now, I use an entire technology stack built on eclipse that make me productive, efficient, source-controlled and test-driven. Life is good.

One thing I really like about CFEclipse is I do not have to pay to install it. Thus, I have it on 5 computers. I don't often use all 5 at once, I'm no mutant, but I like the freedom to work on whatever I want, at whatever location I want. There's more, you know. I could gush all day long about the benefits of CFEclipse. But I have a point to make.

Recently on the CFEclipse mailing list, someone started a discussion on Let's Pay for CFEclipse. Some good points were brought up during the discussion and I also found out about the SuperCoolApparel available at However, the best way to show gratitude is by cutting a check. So today I made my first monetary donation to CFEclipse and I feel great about it.

I'd often thought of making a donation but just never actually clicked the CFEclipse Paypal Button (at the bottom of that page, if you are looking for it). So a big thanks to Rick Faircloth for starting the Let's Pay for CFEclipse thread. It was a great motivator for me to donate to a project that has really provided me with significant benefits over the last 3 years.

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8/14/08 10:23 AM # Posted By Jim Priest

Dan - thanks for the contribution (and the exposure with this blog post)!

8/14/08 3:27 PM # Posted By John Farrar

I am in the habit of wanting a roadmap and to know what is being done before donating. What is up with CFEclipse... I am not following the news flow as close as before. Is there something new we are supporting? Is there going to be a 'new' version of the product on the horizon? New features... what?

8/14/08 3:57 PM # Posted By Jim Priest
8/14/08 5:07 PM # Posted By John Farrar

OK... lots of chatter. No roadmap or timeline. Mark did a nice job, but as he says he has a day job and isn't expecting to focus his vocational goals on CFE. So, are we seeking to show him we will give him that pay? Are we seeking to hire someone to work under his direction? Could someone share what the funds would do... of course telling Mark thanks is wonderful... I encourage that. It would be nice to know what the target was here.

8/14/08 5:11 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

For me, it wasn't about a time line or about stuff I want Mark to do. It was more about feeling gratitude for what has already been done. As stated, I've gotten a lot of benefit over the last 3 years and I do appreciate it.


8/14/08 5:53 PM # Posted By rob

It's humors how little has changed.

I bought me a mouse pad :)

8/14/08 5:54 PM # Posted By rob

(one of these days I'll learn how to spell humorous)

11/10/08 4:26 PM # Posted By sohbet

Could someone share what the funds would do...

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