Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 on Windows XP

I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428. This well-equipped notebook computer comes with Windows Vista Home Premium. I planned to remove Vista Home Premium and replace it with the venerable and less annoying Windows XP. Let this post serve as a warning to others with similar ideas.

Removing Vista was easy enough. Installing Windows XP was easy enough. Finding and installing drivers has been the bane of my existence.

Update: This has been solved. See: XP Drivers for Toshiba A215 - S7428

Predictably, the Toshiba site was no help. I understand they shipped the computer with Vista Home Premium, and likely feel their support obligations only extend to OEM configurations. However, I lost confidence in Toshiba when I read the following on their Detailed Specs for the Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428: "This product specification is variable and subject to change prior to product launch."

If anyone sees Toshiba, please remind them the product Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 has launched.

A few of the problems I am currently working through:

Realtek allegedly provided the WLAN component. The driver listed at The Realtek WLAN RTL8187B Support Section is not recognized by Windows XP as a valid driver. RTL8187B is listed by the Windows XP device Manager.

The Display Driver listed by the Detailed Specs for the Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428 is ATI Radeon X1200M. This is not even an option at the ATI driver download site. I tried the Radeon X1200 driver (in the Windows XP > Professional/Home > Integrated/Motherboard > Radeon X1200 but the install aborted when it found no compatible hardware. I guess the 'M' in ATI Radeon X1200M makes a HUGE difference.

As a consolation prize, there is no driver listed for the ATI Radeon X1200M in the Windows Vista section either.

Network and Display adapters are KEY. I haven't even tried to figure out what Base System Device is, or PCI Device....

Final Thoughts

I've swapped OS versions in the past and do not recall these types of issues. If I am overlooking something, please point it out to me. Meanwhile, I issue a word of caution for those who plan to purchase the Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428.

While this notebook comes well equipped on the hardware side, it is severely lacking for those who wish to swap Operating Systems. Think twice if you choose to go this route. There are plenty of computers that will still ship with Windows XP. Choose one of those.

Update: In case you missed the inline announcement, this has been solved. See: XP Drivers for Toshiba A215 - S7428

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12/9/07 9:02 PM # Posted By MatrixCube

so i did the unthinkable and i removed vista without thinking and installed xp on a a215-s7422. well, you all know what happened.
And I just want to say THANX, guys, for this website. I download it and cross my fingers :-).

12/19/07 1:54 PM # Posted By Jim Clark

Hey, Guys and Dolls,

Looks like all this wonderful help at this site is not enough help for me. I recently purchased a Toshiba Satellite A215-S7428. It had Vista loaded on it, of course. I learned quickly that I didn’t like Vista and proceeded to install XP. That went pretty well and now have both XP and Vista on the machine; don’t have a boot manager installed, so at present it always boots to XP Will likely remove Vista if and when I get all the hardware installed in XP.

Have downloaded the driver package from this site and have worked with them several hours to get them installed, all to no avail. I see others report on this website that the driver package has worked fine for them and they are now in tall cotton. Not so with me. Have tried to install the drivers via update in Device Manager and every time I get an error message that can’t find the driver for the device in question. I have even tried installing the driver files in the appropriate Windows directory, also without any success.

Would appreciate any help any of you can offer.

Jim Clark

1/1/08 5:18 AM # Posted By shakar

S-video out plug on the left side has no video output. I also don't have brightness control of the screen . Every thing else seems to be working for the past month .

1/2/08 10:51 PM # Posted By GEORGE LEVY

I am surprised that an owner downgraded his Toshiba A215 to XP. 2 GB of memory is sufficient for Vista, if you decrapify the unit and limit the start up menu to bare essentials of about six files.
Services.msc may also be decrapified by at least six programs. Also, I found it essential to defrag the new drive, as it comes from the factory all in tatters.

George Levy
Chicago, IL.

1/3/08 10:05 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson


It wasn't the amount of memory or slugishness that prompted the downgrade, it was the programs that didn't work, the annoyances of UAC and the DRM/ AACS features that prompted the downgrade.

Vista is the prettiest and worst functioning operating system in the history of Windows. I hope they wake up before it is too late.


1/3/08 5:08 PM # Posted By Pablo

I have Toshiba A215-S7433 and all tips work´s too!!!!
Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!. I´m happy XP user again!!

1/9/08 1:12 PM # Posted By Mo

I have the exact same problem with my Toshiba laptop. Originally, i was going to stick with vista, but the wireless service was shitty, so i decided to switch to XP. The same driver problem occured, but thanks to you , i am downloading them right now. Hopefully it is going to work! thanks again

1/12/08 1:56 PM # Posted By Juan Sterling

I followed the link posted by Dan to fix the X1200 issue:

but the indications there didn't solve my problem. But, checking the inf, the PCI ID listed there didn't match the PCI ID in the device properties. So, I changed the PCI ID in the Radeon X1200 series line and it got working.

1/15/08 3:41 AM # Posted By luis

hi, your drivers work in a215-s7437 too, thnaks for that, but the others stuff, like the little wheel which control the volume, don't work do you know how to fix that?

1/16/08 12:27 AM # Posted By Ming Lin

You saved my day. Just tried the WiFi, it
worked on my A205 model as well.

1/20/08 5:05 AM # Posted By marl

i am still having trouble with the x1200 the catalst download you speak about no longer uses 7.0 it has now jump to 8.0 so what files do i need to change

2/4/08 12:43 AM # Posted By Mike Dockery

The Toshiba Satellite Pro A210-EZ2203X is the business version of this computer and can be ordered with Windows XP Pro.
Here is a link to the support page where you can get XP drivers that worked perfectly for me.
Hope this helps those wanting to go back to XP from Vista

2/11/08 8:32 PM # Posted By mike

Thanks so much Mike D.
I had been looking for how to use the hot keys and use the laptop with a projector. The drivers at your link are perfect.

2/11/08 9:23 PM # Posted By mike

the video drivers did not work and screwed up my system.
so far, I only used the util common modules and hot key.

2/14/08 6:28 PM # Posted By Mark

I knew almost all of the information about this drivers and related..the real problem do we make work the Value add package (the one who controls the buttons for playing and internet.) and also the buttons for special functions such as contrast, wireles..etc...some ideas???

2/16/08 12:42 PM # Posted By mike

to answer Mark's question, you need to download util_common_modules_26672A.exe and hotkeys from the site above by Mike D.
I don't know why, but when I used the diver_video_ati_26665B.exe from this site, it did not work, so I tried to use other video drivers, but nothing worked, then I installed it again, and it did work. Don't know what's going on, but I think everything now works.

mike (mike p - I will use mike p from now on.)

3/9/08 9:41 PM # Posted By MArk

Wow think i made it !!!!i install all of the drivers of th computer (i think so) and seems they work OK, thanks to all for the downloads . Butttt i have a real problem. Mi card reader, the 4in 1 when i put a Memory Stick duo card in,the cardereader dont recognize it..the Windows Explores show the card as X picture card...its a driver problem or a harware issue?

5/7/08 12:46 PM # Posted By CLAUDIA


IM CLAUDIA FROM MEXICO, I bought a laptop 3 months ago, model A215-S4697, really i hate vista, then i change my O.S. to WINDOWS XP, o my god!
the problem drivers, anyway, finally i found drivers for xp. All working!!

Only the FN functions dont work.
but, video, sound, network, wifi, chipset, etc it work

only a thing... the processor should work 1.6 ghz, but with xp work at 800 mhz, then you need install the processor's drivers, that drivers is in amd support page.

i have an account of megaupload, and i upload the drivers for you guys!

sorry for my english, but i dont speak, or write well, im from mexico and im only speaks spanish, but i try to write in english for you.

the xp drivers for a215-s4697 !!!

Ahora en espanol para los que si me entiendan, compre hace 3 meses una computadora a215 de toshiba, el problema fueron los drivers cuando la intente cambiar a XP, por fin despues de tanto tiempo los encontre, solamente no funcionan los de la tecla FN, aun no he encontrado esos, pero
tengo una cuenta de megaupload y ahi subire los drivers.

Cuando pones xp, el procesador que debe trabajar a 1.6 ghz solo trabaja a 800 mhz, pero pones los drivers del procesador y ya...
estan en la pagina de amd.

the link for processor driver

the link for A215-S4697 drivers

5/12/08 4:37 PM # Posted By Martin Espinosa

Hola, tengo un problema con los drivers de mi notebook. Tenia originalmente el Windows Vista
y la formatie, pero no puedo encontrarle los drivers, Es una Toshiba Satellite A215-S7425, si alguno me puede ayudar muchas gracias...

5/14/08 5:44 PM # Posted By Mark

Hola claudia, yo tengo los drivers para las teclas fn, te los puedo pasar.

5/19/08 4:28 PM # Posted By Jeb Simons

I'm not sure what the hold-up is... maybe they have re-thought their stance on how this is going to actually make the company any money. Or perhaps their lawyers pointed out the liability of providing agents a platform to stick their feet in their mouth. Whatever it is, it's hardly something I'd claim as being "Well done".

9/23/08 7:29 AM # Posted By Juanjo


No me funcionan las combinaciones de la tecla
Fn y me gustaria que alguien me ayudase.
Tengo un Toshia a200.


10/30/08 5:28 PM # Posted By denn

Vista is the prettiest and worst functioning operating system in the history of Windows.

12/11/08 2:23 AM # Posted By watscom cameroon

Go Danny!

worked for me perfectly after the downloads from the links you provided. I was lucky to stumble onto some more links mentioned buy others on the blog that gave me direct .exe install files for Video drivers and SM bus drivers, etc, without making any modification on any .inf file.

Only prob now is the Fn key is not working and my Laptop doesn't shut down. Once a shutdown command is given, it reboots to desktop again. So I pull out the battery every time i mean to shutdown.

Thanks to all you good people out there, I'm working with a more familiar Win XP now with all drivers installed.

12/13/08 5:34 PM # Posted By Jon

Hey Dan!

Its great that the resources are all in one place, but it no longer works! when i try to download the file it is 1KB. please update the link for all of us, I'm up a creek atm!

And thanks.

3/27/09 5:17 AM # Posted By Nathan

hey i wiped it and trying put on windows xp mce it comes up what kinda pc this is having hard time configure lol never seen that before. Standard PC I486 or Other. Well i did the I486 Now i get blue screen of death and then it wont reinstall. So now what

3/27/09 5:27 AM # Posted By Jon

My recommendation is to install vista from the system disk, then grab a copy of windows 7 off of bit torrent and upgrade using that. Drivers... solved. Speed... solved.

Let me know what you think.

3/27/09 6:26 AM # Posted By Nathan

for me yea but this is for business not going put hack software on specially windows betas, how are you guys putting pro i have a pro ill just try put it on lol don't know why mce 2005 wont work weird if pro does and mce don't. If it was for my self I would try that but its for a customer. I'll just proble put vista back on it if this don't work dang it i wasted 115 bucks then until i just put it on another machine and she gets to use crappy vista until 7 is out. wonder if they going give a coupon for the people that has crappy vista Proble Not...

3/27/09 6:44 AM # Posted By Nathan

crap just look wrong forum lol ok any help on Qosmio X305-Q710

3/27/09 7:52 AM # Posted By Nathan

I think i just need the raid driver at first windows setup, hmm on toshiba's website they have the chipset but its a exe instead of zip anyone have the Sata drivers

7/10/09 12:51 AM # Posted By ivan

I just got myself a used toshiba a215-s7428 and am ready to download the xp drivers but the link says it has reached its limits, is it still available anywhere. thanks

11/28/09 10:40 AM # Posted By Robert

Youer website does not work because to download the files it requires that you pay to bnecome a member.

Does anyone know where to get these A215 drivers from a legitimate source?

12/13/09 7:16 PM # Posted By Savage

As of 12/13/09 the driver package(s) linked in the previous were availalbe and functioning properly. Yes, you actually have to install some of them manually. No, you shouldn't be tackling this yourself if you don't know how to install drivers manually. Thank you to everyone who helped make short work of the long driver search I had in front of me. -DS

1/4/10 10:36 AM # Posted By Steve

I bought the Toshiba Satelite A215-S6816 last year, it's a nightmare! The screen goes black all the time, cursor jumps all over
the screen and deletes text. Can't find updates for my the graphics driver, Toshiba was useless.

2/11/10 10:36 AM # Posted By eduardo

Watch where the realtek driver unpack, and execute from there, now is working both the wireless and the ethernet
Still searching for the ATI driver

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