XP Drivers for Toshiba A215 - S7428

Recently I removed Windows Vista and installed Windows XP on the Toshiba A215-S7428. The Windows XP installation is complete and functioning properly. Due to the driver incompatibilities, this process was much more annoying than I thought it ever could be.

To get this to work, you have to pretty much forget the Toshiba site. It is mostly unhelpful and will send you over the edge. Instead, one must dig down deep into the operating system. One must manually edit driver inf files. One must deal with trying to find a driver for "Unknown System Device".

Fortunately, some unnamed kind soul has done all the hard work for you. I have been asked by unnamed kind soul to say the following:


These drivers are not for sale. Additionally, no support is offered or implied. The posting and use of this driver set is governed by the laws of Uzbekistan. All legal proceedings must be filed in person on the third Tuesday of July at 1342 Uzbek Lane, Tashkent Uzbekistan. The use of these drivers can cause one or more of the following to occur:
  • Your computer may stop functioning
  • Your computer might function incorrectly
  • Your computer could burst into flames
  • You could experience a severe drought
  • All the beer in your refrigerator could disappear
  • A puppy could die

If you would rather risk the above than deal with Vista, please download the drivers at A215 Series Drivers

Included Drivers

* Agere 56k Modem Drivers (Toshiba Softmodem)
* AMD AGP Filter
* AMD DualCore Optimizer
* AMD Processor Driver (Turion64 X2)
* Realtek 8187B Wifi (need to be installed manually!)
* ATI Radeon X1200 Drivers (need to be installed manually!)
* ATI SB600 Drivers (Southbridge)
* ATI SM Bus Drivers
* Microsoft UUA HD Audio
* Realtek HD Audio Drivers
* Realtek PCIe Ethernet drivers (2 Versions, for A215 and A210 based notebooks)
* Ricoh Cardreader Drivers (memory stick, SD xD)
* ALPS Touchpad drivers (the ones with the "scrolling function")

No Lawyers were harmed in the making of this post.

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12/10/07 7:19 PM # Posted By robert more

I am looking for the drivers for the a215 s7425 and so far it has been a rough search. i got about half of them. I was hoping i could get some help here since there seems to be some very resourceful people visiting this post. I for one am appalled that the companies expect you to drop an old system so readily for a new one. I work with web development and have several things in production using Visual studios 03 and that is not acceptable on Vista i would have to buy an upgrade to 05 to use it with this pc. anyhow if there is anyone who has found all the drivers or even most of the drivers i would greatly appreciate your help.

12/11/07 2:52 PM # Posted By TJ

Can someone tell me how to install the drivers for the ethernet controller? The folder that comes in the download package does not contain a setup file. And when I try to install the driver manually, I set the folder path but it says it cannot find the files.

can anyone help?

also, I used Steve's way of installing the video controller drivers and it worked fine. The ATI download is on this page: http://game.amd.com/us-en/drivers_catalyst.aspx?p=...

Like others, I'm also have trouble installing ATI Catalyst. It says I need at least .NET Framework 2.0, which is simple enough. But then it also says Setup did not find a driver compatible with your current hardware or operating system.

I'll install .NET 2.0 and try again.

Can anyone help with installing the ethernet drivers?

12/12/07 2:55 AM # Posted By NT

I got everything working so far..except..the ethernet controller and the SM bus controller.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12/14/07 2:20 AM # Posted By TJ

Hey guys, here is a good ethernet driver.
It's from Asus and it works well with the Toshiba.
I got it from one of the guys who posted here.
He knows who he is. Thanks man.

If someone on this forum can add the driver to the download pack at the top of this page, that would be good.

If not, then post your email and I'll send it that way.

12/14/07 2:23 AM # Posted By TJ

Has anyone been able to figure out how to get the
SOFT KEYS to work? It seems like they are the only urdle left.

Cummon guys... let's use our computer skills and figure this out.

12/14/07 2:36 PM # Posted By STARMAN

Need the Lan drivers--no wireless for the A215-S7428.
I have tried everything. I tried the one above and they will not work on my system.

12/15/07 4:57 PM # Posted By sbarner

Thanks for doing the work and posting these drivers. They were not turn-key for my A215-S7425, but through a little sleuthing and with the help of some of the other comments here, I've been able to get everything working and take care of all the pesky little yellow question marks in Device Manager. Now this little $550 laptop runs almost as fast in Windows as it does in Fedora 8!

12/15/07 11:03 PM # Posted By Seacy

Hello, this has saved my day! I was pissed off at vista... so I installed windows XP... Forgetting that Toshiba never gave me a motherboard installing CD, I was stuck. I have a A210 laptop, and so far most of the drivers are working for me.

I haven't got wireless working, but I could get direct with a ethernet cord working. I am having trouble with the video card... I followed Steve and Sesa's post, but it's still not working! From Sesa's post, I couldn't find ATI radeon x1200 in "Select the device driver you want to install for this hardware" part. That's just so confusing now. Does that mean my computer's video card isn't x1200 or what...? I am lost. It'd be nice if anyone can help me, :3

12/16/07 12:34 AM # Posted By Seacy

Oh, I got my video card working now. I followed the instruction on this site...

The person said :
just a few notes, i converted to XP sort of, i did a dual boot :D , and it works, the ati radeon card (presumably x1200 variety) drivers DO NOT WORK from the ati site however can be made to work :D as follows, if you download version 7.9 catalyst (7-9-igp_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_sb_gart_enu_52443 for ati x1200 xp), then download dot net framework (dotnetfx3) or higher from MS downloads, then download msxml4-KB927978-enu (also MS downloads) then download ati_mobility, ok we have our files,
install .net framework
then install msxml
then install /extract ati radeon, it will give an error eventually, just keep reading this,

ok the tricky part, run ati mobility, do as instructed, remember, you are pointing the program at the whole folder, not just the driver, this program alters the files to make them compatible, and it works, re-run the install and smile:d you got it after how many hours? ;) of screwing with it?

ok, now gimme your utility driver file links, :d , it gets worse hang on.

i set up a dual boot, so remember if you do that to point the drivers to D drive, or whatever your XP partition is. may god be with you.
if ya wanna do a dual boot with both of the op system, i can tell ya, just ask, its easy.

screwin bill g. one machine at a time:D

and i fixed my graphic card by combining this...
Still dead on the wireless internet... Any help would be great!!!

12/16/07 10:18 PM # Posted By john_galt

linux was easier to get running on A215-7422!!
wlan drivers worked with .inf modification (Dekchi | 11/3/07 3:16 PM)
ati driver worked with link Dan mentioned (Dan Wilson | 11/9/07 9:48 AM)
Thank you! Many beers expended... Is there some way to repay you?

12/16/07 10:29 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson


Just Pay it Forward.


12/17/07 1:28 AM # Posted By DK

Hi i have just installed all the XP drivers but im having problems with the Wireless device. It installed ok but i cant seem to change the Channel in the advanced tab setting its giving me an error saying "the value is out of range. The valid range in from 10 to 10". Therefore i can only use the channel 10 freq. on my router if i want the laptop to recieve a signal. Any suggestions?

12/17/07 1:37 AM # Posted By dk

actually its ok. I just changed the channel setting in the inf file. for some reason the channel setting were all set to 10.

12/21/07 9:35 AM # Posted By Ramone

Hi, Thank you for your work in finding these
drivers. All I needed from your archive though
was the WLAN drivers, and they worked well
for Toshiba Satelite L45-S7409. The other
drivers I got by using http://drivershq.com
I have everything except the three base system
devices installed. Not worried though. Works
VERY well without them. I removed Vista and Added
XP Pro with SP2, using the BEATSXP Image. AWESOME!!

12/21/07 10:35 PM # Posted By Leeseifer

Hi everyone, I have some good news for who are using Satellite A210 or A215. The drivers for XP
can be found in TOSHIBA AUS. link :


Perfect... :)

12/23/07 3:27 PM # Posted By Word

You the Man, Can I smoke you up sometime?

12/23/07 5:09 PM # Posted By Jim Clark

Thanks Leeseifer, for the link. Unfortunately, the link is
to your last logon there for I get something to the effect that
you have been timed out and there are no other options. When I strat from their home site I cna find some XP drivers for the A210 (two
models), but none for the A215. If you have an A215 and those drivers work for you, please let us know. I still have a lot of yellow
in my Device Manager I need to get rid of and get my machine
working properly.


12/24/07 8:10 AM # Posted By Clint Boucher

The easiest way to get the wireless driver is to do a windows update at update.micorsoft.com ... yes, a windows update. Let it scan your laptop. The updates that show up are software updates. Before selecting intstall, look on the left side of the screen for "hardware updates"...

You will see a download for your wlan. download, install, problem fixed.

12/24/07 12:13 PM # Posted By A_DoNuT

Once again...
Does anyone know how to get the (FN) function keys working?

The actual function of the F1, F2, F3,... keys work but I cannot control the brightness using the (FN) toggle key. This is the only thing I have left to workout. Thanks in advance.
I am using a A215-7422 using XP SP3 and everything is working that i found on this site as well as some drivers found on the support DVD.

12/25/07 4:35 AM # Posted By Clint Boucher

That's all I need as well... just the FN keys. Way to much messing around to get this to work. My prevoius laptop was a cheap everex that I got from circuit city. came with vista, switched to xp. added 1gb of ram and the thing was great. Cust service there was awesome, always talked to someone from the states, they even told me where to get the drivers and walked me through on the phone.

Just a shame that toshiba acts this way, making it so difficult to get the damn drivers.

Enough ranting, I think the FN keys are found in the bios. I tried to get the bios from satalite pro A210-EZ2202X but it wouldn't let me,. said my current driver was more up to date.

12/25/07 4:36 AM # Posted By Clint Boucher

That's all I need as well... just the FN keys. Way to much messing around to get this to work. My prevoius laptop was a cheap everex that I got from circuit city. came with vista, switched to xp. added 1gb of ram and the thing was great. Cust service there was awesome, always talked to someone from the states, they even told me where to get the drivers and walked me through on the phone.

Just a shame that toshiba acts this way, making it so difficult to get the damn drivers.

Enough ranting, I think the FN keys are found in the bios. I tried to get the bios from satalite pro A210-EZ2202X but it wouldn't let me,. said my current driver was more up to date.

12/25/07 11:05 AM # Posted By Cow

Hey, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone in here who helped make this possible. Like others, the Fn key doesn't work for me either, but I don't think it's that big of a deal.

One thing I noticed is that the touchpad driver doesn't have the scrolling ability on the side. If anyone wants this, you can get it at the synaptics website: http://www.synaptics.com/support/drive.cfm

Thanks again everyone.

12/25/07 3:48 PM # Posted By Luis Carvajal

Thankyou very much.
I have Satellite A215-S7462
I want to change to XP
What is de diference?
What I need to do?

12/31/07 6:19 PM # Posted By H8Vista

Hi all,
After much...much...much aggravation I managed to get everything working except for the hot keys. If you hate Vista as much as I did, you'll suffer through every word of this page to get XP installed. Lacking an XP key, I even bit my pride and bought one rather than try to hack it. Please be persistent...it can be done! The link posted by Leeisfer for Toshiba AUS -


will also work for an S7422 model. All you need to do is refresh the session & select (in my case) Support, Drivers, Utilities, etc. & the model. There is no S7422, but those for the A210-PSAFGA worked properly.

Patience, good luck and as others have said here...screw Vista!

12/31/07 6:23 PM # Posted By H8Vista

Forgot to mention...the speed on my S7422 running XP Pro is just superb compared to dog-a** slow with Vista. With XP Pro it runs as reliably and quickly as it properly should.

1/1/08 7:15 AM # Posted By Paul

Oh man I can't tell you how pleased you've made me! Just recently bought a Toshiba Equium from PC World with exactly the same issue - can't stand Vista.
Spent an absoulute age downloading every XP driver I could find for the Relatek 8187B WLAN card. None of them worked - except yours!


1/1/08 11:18 PM # Posted By Steve

Hello everyone. I wanted to post a quick success story and question.
Using the various advise listed here I was able to downgrade my
Toshiba A215-7433 from Vista to XP. :) For that I would like to say
thanks to everyone.

Like others here, I'm trying to work out getting the issue of getting
the Fn and media keys working corectly.

If anyone has any information on how to fix this issue it would be

1/2/08 12:22 AM # Posted By Carov


Hey, there! You say you got a dual boot going on your Toshiba with Vista/XP? Do you have any tips on how you did it before I go and break my machine :) ?

(Mine: A215-S7425)

1/3/08 5:27 PM # Posted By Vernon

99.9% Toshiba Satellite A215-S7472 downgrade and/or restore for Windows XP Professional
On boot I still get Found New Hardware and cannot locate driver, device is listed a UNKNOWN in Found New Hardware, BUT Device Manager does NOT show any missing/unknown devices.

I did a restore of my old dead system, not a reinstall of XP. Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery include Recover Anyware that allows restore to dissimilar hardware (only costs slightly more than Ghost and is much more robust).


http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool/index.php for Modder program to modify ATI display driver

7-12_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_55811.exe ATI_mobility_radeon_HD_2400 ATI driver package to use (from ATI site) Be wary of display driver updates from any source as such updates may make your system unstable/unusable—make backup before install.

Bluetooth Monitor: util_bt_monitor_25884A.exe???

http://tinyurl.com/2mc8nq for Toshiba drivers (only use those that include XP) and the bios upgrade.

http://tinyurl.com/3chr5t for StandardDualChannel_PCI_IDE_Controller

http://tinyurl.com/33a94x for REALTEK_HighDefinitionAudioDriver1.84

1/4/08 10:08 AM # Posted By Devin

Ok, I've have the WLAN INF file for a while now, but I don't know what to do with it!
I try to update my driver > no not this time > etc > Select Hardware type?
I've tried a few different ones that I thought were it but none worked.
Anyways, WLAN Driver Installation help is appreciated.

1/4/08 11:37 PM # Posted By Vernon

Updated for WLAN. Prior post repeated here so only have to look one place.

99.9% Toshiba Satellite A215-S7472 downgrade and/or restore for Windows XP Professional
On boot I still get Found New Hardware and cannot locate driver, device is listed a UNKNOWN in Found New Hardware, BUT Device Manager does NOT show any missing/unknown devices.

I did a restore of my old dead system, not a reinstall of XP. Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery include Recover Anyware that allows restore to dissimilar hardware (only costs slightly more than Ghost and is much more robust).


http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool/index.php for Modder program to modify ATI display driver

7-12_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_55811.exe ATI_mobility_radeon_HD_2400 ATI driver package to use (from ATI site) Be wary of display driver updates from any source as such updates may make your system unstable/unusable—make backup before install.

http://tinyurl.com/2buwss for Atheros AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter Driver

Bluetooth Monitor: util_bt_monitor_25884A.exe???

http://tinyurl.com/2mc8nq for Toshiba drivers (only use those that include XP) and the bios upgrade.

http://tinyurl.com/3chr5t for StandardDualChannel_PCI_IDE_Controller

http://tinyurl.com/33a94x for REALTEK_HighDefinitionAudioDriver1.84

1/5/08 4:20 PM # Posted By Avgoustis

Hey man

thank you so much. You just saved my life. VISTA SUCKS

1/7/08 5:30 PM # Posted By gamp

hey, will those work for s7433 ? anyboudy knows ?

1/7/08 5:51 PM # Posted By TC

All this is fine but how do you get past the EULA agreement on the oem disk for the install? I cannot get xp to find the eula.txt file. This is after making a slipstream disk. Really pathetic. Man. THis completely sucks.

1/7/08 5:54 PM # Posted By TC

BTY it is a Toshiba laptop installed with Vista which my cam systems will not work on so I have to downgrade. But I am not having any luck getting the xp installed. Bought the new XPc version from newegg.com. Could not find the drivers for the Sata so did slipstream, now it cannot find the eula.txt file. Other than that everything is ok though.

1/8/08 6:45 AM # Posted By Leeseifer

Hi all, All the XP drivers of A215 have set in Toshiba AUS website...link : http://www.toshiba.com.au . My Satellite A215 is working perfectly with its and dun need to install manualy. Dun have any yellow icon in my computer. The only think you need that you go to support page in AUS toshiba and choose the Satellite A215 (I remember there are 2 link one for Vista and one for XP). Have fun all... sorry about my English

1/8/08 6:50 AM # Posted By Leeseifer

http://www.isd.toshiba.com.au/71/live.dll/topic/co... .. This link is better. Chosing Support on the left panel...Hope it help you..

1/8/08 6:53 AM # Posted By Leeseifer

When you Chose Satellite driver for A210..just choose this model Satellite A210-(PSAFGA)..In here, you will find all driver for A21x ... Driver ATI 1200x and wifi Realtek and so on..You just download and click...

1/8/08 4:03 PM # Posted By Vernon

NOTE: some Toshiba (e.g., A215-S7472) use ATI_mobility_radeon_HD_2400, not 1200. Otherwise the .au site looks good; I've not
tested the drivers--I'm downloading now.

1/10/08 12:04 AM # Posted By A_DoNuT

Good news. using the link provided by Leeseifer i downloaded the Hotkey Utility and now the Fn keys work! Or at least the + - brightness controls, lock computer, sleep and possibly others, those are just the ones I use the most.

So good luck all. And thanks again Leeseifer!

1/10/08 7:01 AM # Posted By Vernon

Many of the drivers do NOT work on A215-S7472. Some of the utilities seem to work. OK to try on your system, but proceed one driver/program at at time, making appropriate "checkpoints" so you do not have to go back too far if a failure occurs.

1/10/08 7:01 AM # Posted By Vernon

That is from the .au site.

1/10/08 11:15 AM # Posted By DAVID

think u Leeseifer every thing that i need most is working now on my satellite A215-S7462

1/13/08 5:07 AM # Posted By Mathew

hey does any one know how to downgrade
a Toshiba A200 Satellite laptop to Windows xp if so could u plz email me at stylesmathew@hotmail.com

1/13/08 8:05 PM # Posted By One Happy Guy

Dan Wilson, you are the MAN. Leeseifer, you too. You both rock.

One final thing that doesn't work. I am installing WinXP pro and SP2. All drivers now work except one - the USB Controller. I can use USB, but it doesn't recognize that its 2.0. I only get the 1.1 USB speeds (12MB/sec?). I'm sure I could connect to windows update and fix this issue, but as many reading this page of your blog might agree, this is not necessarily recommended. Anybody know where a USB 2.0 Controller driver might be found for the A215-7428?


1/13/08 11:08 PM # Posted By Rocky

You can get the LAN wireless drivers from windows update. I was able to at least..

The only problem I have now is everytime I take a windows update my laptop either crashes and needs to be restored, or won't take the update.......

1/14/08 3:47 AM # Posted By One Happy Guy

If you had the same problem of a USB controller driver not working like I did, heres how to fix it:

Its really too simple, so spare yourself any more frustration from surfing for drivers. The driver is already part of Windows XP, you just need to update it.

Device Manager > Other Devices (the yellow circles are here) > USB Controller or PCI to USB Controller

Double click, open drivers tab and click update driver. Dont connect to the net or windows update - after selecting NO, just click update driver automatically, and it finds needed drivers like usbehci.sys. Its really that simple.

Well, my Christmas present finally works like I wanted it to - SANS VISTA!!
Now I can start this University term off the right way.

And CONGRATULATIONS to everybody who has read this page and re-graded to WinXP. You are far more intelligent and initiative taking than the rest of the lazy world. People that don't give up and seek truly better living will make this world a better place. Kudos.

1/14/08 7:06 PM # Posted By Pyro1588

Excellent! This saved me SO much painful searching for drivers. I successfully used this on a Satellite A215-2508. Thanks again =)

1/16/08 3:12 PM # Posted By Justin

I have an A215-S7416 can someone tell me how to use xp

1/22/08 11:33 AM # Posted By Kalyan Reddy

Thanks for providing the URL to download the drivers from Toshiba Australia website. I have downloaded the XP drivers for my Toshiba A215-7425 model and reloaded XP on my laptop with these drivers. They work fine without any problems including the Fn keys.

They really saved my time.


1/23/08 1:57 AM # Posted By Dave

I have a A215-S5818 and This page / site has really helped me get started but when i couldnt or didnt know what the thing was that i needed to download drivers for this site helped with that... Yea i have a Atheros wi fi but witch one.... follow the directions

1/24/08 2:25 PM # Posted By cireja

Hola a todos,

para los 3 dispositivos que quedan por instalar, que corresponden al lector de tarjetas Ricoh, puenen usar este controlador proporcionado por HP. Yo lo he probado en un Toshiba A210 y funciona de lujo.



1/24/08 2:30 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

For anyone who can't read spanish, cireja says:

"The 3 remaining installation problems, revolve around the Ricoh Card Reader. You can install the driver for this off the HP site. I tested it on my Toshiba A210 and it worked just fine."

1/24/08 5:58 PM # Posted By Dustin Gulley

The zip file with all the drivers were a great find, but does anything know about the fingerprint reader drivers for XP? My computer model is actually a Satellite A215-S7462

1/24/08 11:05 PM # Posted By Rahner James

Exceptional help. Thank you. It all worked well except the Realtek ethernet. I finally had to download the PCIE Install 5686 for the RTL8136 for my system A215-S7422.

Thank you again. Vista truly sux.

1/25/08 11:00 PM # Posted By tpp

So I've doing the same thing everyone else here is doing on an a215-s7428. I've got all the drivers installed and XP is working for the most part. My issues are three, as far as I can tell.
First I have one unknown device under other devices in device manager. I've installed every driver in the download from this page and its still there.
I also have an unknown device under System devices in the device manager. I can't figure out what either of these are.
But the biggest problem I have is that most USB devices do not work. I have several memory sticks, some work, some don't, but all are
recognized by windows. The ones that don't work, it asks me to install software for the new hardware found. Some mice it will recognize but it doesn't work at all.
Any ideas on whats going on with the USB port/controller?

1/26/08 11:04 AM # Posted By janusz

Does those drivers will work with S5808?

1/28/08 11:08 AM # Posted By Albert


I can not find the drivers on the .au site. The A215 is not in the list and the A210 says there are no drivers available. Is there somewhere else thee can be downloaded? Thanks!

1/28/08 5:59 PM # Posted By ayee

What Wi Fi drivers have you guys tested and worked on your laptop? state the model of laptop and name of driver and where you got it. thanks

1/30/08 12:45 PM # Posted By Vernon
1/30/08 12:47 PM # Posted By Vernon

Wi - Fi

see my 1/4/08 post above.

2/6/08 3:28 PM # Posted By harlan_da

how did you configure the ati x1200 drivers

2/6/08 3:51 PM # Posted By harlan_da

I guess it would help for you to know that I too am have ditched Vista for XP on my satellite A215-S7428. Now with your wonderful help think that all the other drivers are working properly except the video drivers for ATI X1200. how do I get them to work properly. Thanks so much I am in your debt.

2/10/08 8:35 AM # Posted By janusz

Thank you all very much.I am happy to announce that my 215-S5808 it is Vista free.
Everything works perfectly.I had some problems with my Touch pad under Vista.
In XP works fine>Thanks again.

2/13/08 6:01 AM # Posted By Vernon

Video Drivers (See my post above)

http://www.driverheaven.net/modtool/index.php for Modder program to modify ATI display driver

7-12_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu_55811.exe ATI_mobility_radeon_HD_2400 ATI driver package to use (from ATI site) Be wary of display driver updates from any source as such updates may make your system unstable/unusable—make backup before install.

2/19/08 1:45 PM # Posted By psy

Some days ago i downloaded the drivers and it was really a relief after all that trouble. But today when i tried to download them once again i got the "500 - invalid url" message ...

can you reupload them somewhere else ?

2/21/08 4:06 AM # Posted By Vernon

Which drivers are you asking about?

2/24/08 3:59 PM # Posted By Sid

thanks a lot for the drivers. i have installed all the drives except one

the ethernet controller one. I don't need it at the time but i would still like to now how to install it. I tried going to device manager and tried to manually install it but it said that there was an error during installing
some code 10

could you please help me


2/24/08 7:57 PM # Posted By Hanux

I using windows xp x64, but i can't find driver modem toshiba for it. plz, help me look for. tks.

2/26/08 3:52 AM # Posted By Clint Boucher

I've been running xp for some time now with no issues. Recently upon restart of my laptop, it doesn't recognize the wlan. If I restart once or twice it works like there was never an issue. Not sure what may be causing this as I've made no hardware/software changes to the laptop. Anyone else having this issue and what do you do about it.

2/27/08 6:31 AM # Posted By Clint Boucher

One more thing, when shutting down it seems to take forever. It goes to that blue screen that says "windows is shutting down" for 2-3 minutes. Didn't have this issue on vista and not sure what would be causing it.

2/28/08 11:25 PM # Posted By prescriber

Did it!! My Toshiba Satellite A205-S5804 finely completely free of Vista!!
I installed XP using nLite method. Radeon X1200 were not compatible with my system, so after a day of frustrations I went to "Driver Detective" and for $29 membership it combed the system and automatically got drivers for missing:
-Video control (it needed Intel (R) Graphic Media Accelerator (Mobile Intel 965 EXPRESS Chipset family), it came in a Zip file: GFX_XP32_14.31.1.4864_PV_Intel

3/4/08 10:35 AM # Posted By crystal

thanks for the drivers and the laugh. Saved my LIFE.

3/5/08 1:29 PM # Posted By Marco

Satellite A-215-5818 cannot find Atheros WiFi driver that will work with XP. Seems that this PCI card runs A-B-G & Draft N. Since it has Draft N I do not believe there is a Win XP driver, only Vista. Can someone help me out? VISTA IS WIN ME II!

3/6/08 7:09 AM # Posted By oscar

manage to dual-boot on my satellite a210-fs1. spent 3 days only for doing this though..
i missed sesa's post on 12/2/07, so i spent quite some time installing my display adapater, but i did it the same way even though i still have error: can't find this file: ativvp.* or something like that, but my xp is running ok without those files anyway.
for the ethernet, I chose Relatek RTL8139/810x Family Fast Ethernet NIC (3r option on the list), the other two option leave my xp hang.
good luck installing xp guys! and don't forget to backup all your drivers. ;)

3/9/08 11:18 PM # Posted By John

I can't seem to get any of the Hotkey drivers to work from the .AU site for my s7422. It says something on the lines of "Toshiba common module not found..." Anyone have any idea what the problem is for me? Thanks

3/18/08 1:39 AM # Posted By kodoo

I have a Satellite A215-S7472 with Vista. I want to switch it to XP, dont have the drivers and have no clue what to do, any help?

3/21/08 12:53 PM # Posted By Miki

I have the A215-S4747. I've got everything installed properly for XP,
but like lots of folks I'm having difficulty finding the proper
hotkey Fn and media keys working corectly. I went to .au site as well,
and the only hotkey Fn function driver to work will only support
"suspend" and "sleep" keys (F3 & F4). What is need is to control +/- brightness level,
as well as toggle into VGA/RBG projector output mode for external presentation
on project.

Is there another way (graphics driver) to adjust brightness without
using the hotkey Fn missing driver?

3/23/08 9:55 PM # Posted By Miki

OK I've sloved my A215-S4747 Brightness/Contast issue. In short,
load the ATI graphics driver as explained above. Ensure you have
your desired resolution settings; this will validate that your
driver is running properly. As suggested by others above, I
went and downloaded ATI's Catylst application. You can download
just this application alone (http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html)

For me it was the "Radeon Xpress 1200" under the Integrated/Motherboard
WinXP Pro/Home selection. You don't have to download all the drivers
and Catalyst. For me it was as easy as going to the
"Individual driver download packages and Avivo" area and selecting
"Catalyst Control Center" (23.5MB - ver 8.3).

Note: I found that I had to download from microsoft a .net 3.0
framework before Catalyst would run properly. Dont worry, downloading
.NET 3.0 (just google: "download microsoft .NET 3.0") and it will
take you the the microsoft download site to download this base support.

Once I got back to Catalyst install, and a reboot, I was able to
gain more control of the LCD and screen than I needed :-). Now not onlhy
do I have XP back and all controls, but able to adjust my brightness
level. Catalyst will also allow me to switch to RGB connector output mode
for overhead presentations.

OK, so I would rather use the hotkey Fn, but this work-around will
do just fine. Goodluck folks.


3/25/08 6:22 PM # Posted By Andy

pls can someone help me get drivers for SATELLITE A135-S4527? PLEASE I AM DEAD

3/26/08 1:38 PM # Posted By Zed

I am having trouble with the manual installs. It will point to the folder, but not to the direct file, I am such a newbie that is is confusing me, someone be cool and shoot me an email with some more simple instructions?


4/2/08 1:56 AM # Posted By mckinnley

ok, i've been trying all of the things that i can understand on this page and i just can't get the damn computer to do anything. it always says that it cannot find a driver, even though i select the exact folder that it is in. also the video thing isn't working. instead of the raidon it has this "standard vga graphics adapter" thing that only has 16mb of video memory. the computer doesn't seem to recognize it at all. in fact, it doesn't recognize anthing at all.
if it makes any difference i'm using a 64bit version of XP. please somebody help me, i need to get this thing working for school and i can't get it to do anything for the life of me.
i'm assuming that there is something that you guys are doing that i'm not, but i should know it so you dont explain it or something. i've done everything i can. help.

my email is smckinnley@gmail.com

4/2/08 3:52 PM # Posted By Chris K

Obviously people are still having issues with this stuff. I just finished the third rebuild on my Satellite a215-s5818 and I can tell you it is a majorly frustrating process.

GOOD NEWS - I think everything you need for this particular model can be found in this thread: <a href="http://www.driverheaven.net/laptop-notebook-genera... Heaven</a>. I just added a bunch of content myself, and my Satellite is working 100%, FINALLY!!!

I called Toshiba today, and they were not helpful, as you can imagine. But I got past the "outsourced" customer service rep, and spoke to a supervisor, who spoke English, and seemed to be listening to my concerns. He told me 2 things of interest:

1) Toshiba has no plans to continue to support XP.
2) He was AMAZED that someone could do what we've all done (piece together all the necessary drivers to properly downgrade to XP). WE are the smart ones.

Call Toshiba and complain! 1.800.457.7777 in the US. Maybe if enough people call, they'll listen.

Good luck!

4/3/08 3:37 AM # Posted By mckinnley

ok so all i do is just go to all of the drivers that aren't working, say update driver and then find the directory for that download (after unziping)? i was trying to do this yesterday but it wouldn't work, it would just tell me that there was no driver found, even though i would bring it to the folder that i had downloaded earlier that told me that it had the driver in it. i was really confused on why it wouldn't work at all because it seemed like i was doing everything right. can anybody just tell me exactly what i need to do? if i can't get this to work then i'll just get driver detective but i'de like to find a free way of doing it first.

4/3/08 2:59 PM # Posted By mckinnley

hello? is anybody there? i need to know how to install a driver, and since you all seem to know how to do that i thought that i would be able to get a fast response. when i open the folders i just get two to four files that (when clicked on) tell me that windows doesn't know how to open it. and when i tell it to update the driver and to re-install it, it tells me that there is nothing there. so yeah, i don't know how to install these new drivers. i'de like to get a response ASAP because i need this laptop for school.

4/3/08 5:18 PM # Posted By mckinnley

not to sound rude or annoying or anything but my question has been up here for more than a da and i still haven't gotten a response. i really need this to get working for school and it seems to me that if there are so many people on this forum who have not had this problem, a lot of people should be able to give me an answer...and yet i haven't gotten anything yet. please, i really need this to work guys can you help me out?

4/3/08 5:40 PM # Posted By Erika

I own Toshiba A215-S4697 .. I hate Vista so I went ahead went ahead and installed XP .. But I'm facing drivers problem like many others. All drivers working for me but just 2 not working.. display Driver and Ethernet Driver(wired one) ..

Can anyone please help me with the Ethernet adapter driver for Toshiba A215-S4697 ?
I'll be ever grateful ... Thanks.

- Erika

4/3/08 6:47 PM # Posted By mckinnley

ok so i got a couple of responses and people told me what to do. the problem is that everybody has told me the exact thing that i've been doing the whole time. are these meant to run on the 64-bit version i have or do i have to get completely different drivers for it? everybody else seems to be doing just fine with these but mine refuses to acknowledge the fact that the driver is there. it just ignores it. it keeps telling me that it's not compatible.
this seems to happen to me all the time when it comes to computers, everybody else can do it but when i do the exact same thing with the exact same machine it justdoesn't work. call it bad luck i guess... so can anybody help me?

4/3/08 7:26 PM # Posted By mckinnley

ok, i'm getting pretty sick of this whole thing. if somebody can help me get the internet (either wireless or wired) so that i can just buy the driver detective program. i don't care about spending $35, i just need it to work. this thing does require internet access right? if not then i could do it, but i don't know how it could work without it. if it can work without internet access from that computer then i'll download it now.

oh yeah, sorry for double posting, i wish there was an edit button or something

4/4/08 1:39 PM # Posted By mckinnley

ok so since nobody has the drivers for the 64 bit version i just gave up and installed the 32 bit version, oh well, i might do that later. i've installed all of the drivers just fine, well, all but one. i still can't get the video card working, whenever i direct it to the driver it says it doesn't recognize it. any help?

4/4/08 6:21 PM # Posted By Dan

I cannot thank you enough! Vista ruined a perfectly good laptop for me but thanks to you I've been able to get sound and go wireless! I really cannot thank you enough!! The joy on my face when it said 'no netwrosk detected' and the sound of windows restarting was a sight to behold! :)

I will be compiling a RAR file with information on how to get a Toshiba Equium A210-17i fully up to date with Windows XP that I will upload here and elswhere to help everywhere screw bill gates and Vista! Many thanks!

4/5/08 10:19 AM # Posted By Jill

ALL of you are lifesavers!! I purchased a Toshiba Satellite A215 with Vista last week but my work software
only works with XP. I was pulling my hair out
until I found this site. Now I've got XP on dual
boot and all of the drivers!!! Thanks to all!

4/6/08 11:49 AM # Posted By need some help

i'm like mckinnley, i need drivers for the 64 bit OS but these ones don't work. all i need is a driver for the LAN because i'll just get the driver detective program. i don't know how to look for drivers or anything so if anyone can point me in the direction of an internet driver for this computer (that works on the 64 bit windows) please post back. thanks in advance,
oh yeah, i don't have an email so please just post back on this site if you know where to find it.

4/18/08 9:15 PM # Posted By Jamie

Thankyou so much for this, you are an absolute life saver. I've been through quite a few different drivers but the one in the above package works perfectly with my Advent 9115.

4/24/08 10:53 AM # Posted By dave

I GOT this to my Toshiba A215-7437


Downgrade from Vista to XP for my REaltek LAN Driver, it works with A210 Notebooks.

4/26/08 11:57 AM # Posted By eric

I don't see the 215 drivers on the Toshiba AU website... Are they gone? I see the A210, A200, etc. I am clicking on support on the left.

4/27/08 5:53 PM # Posted By James Heisler

unfortunately The Toshiba A-215 S6804 has not yet been supported by the Toshiba website and just like vista,will take some time before they get it right.My speech recog. program is deaf,dumb , and blind. My webcam built into the screen refuses to interact with programs and might as well not be there thanks to somebody's ,"camera assistant software".I may be a complete dumb@55 for saying this, but even though vista Is somewhat useless and incompatable with 1995 doom game and it has compatability issues with some xp programs,I kinda like its features and really can't wait til bill gates stops investigating the insides of his intestines and gets it right at least in the updates.They will have to complete some massive changes to win you people over to it.I can't truly say that I beleive in vista, but I am very hopeful that this giant corporation can make the necessary changes to its staff to fix its major screw-up that is vista.I'm really hoping that this website or someone out there can find the fix for it, because if I have to wait till 2010 for the next microsoft OS release, This darned computer stuff ,even my current one, is going to keep getting stupid expensive.Please e-mail me if you can figure out the camera assistant software issue of vista that I am having.thanks.

5/8/08 5:48 PM # Posted By Gordo

The Toshiba SM Bus driver for most LapTops is Here:

5/8/08 6:35 PM # Posted By Robert Run

I have it all working on a A215-S4767 except my wireless..

I had t install an an external usb wireless stick. I would love to use the internal one..

Clues please?

5/10/08 12:03 AM # Posted By Gustav

Hi bro`s my solution jeje ^_^ (From Puebla, MEx)

ok see i`ve one Toshiba A215-7425 but i`ve just look in the google for an atheros driver for XP and it opened the OPEN DRIVERS site, there i found the latest driver for my Wireless Card & works without problems.
I hope it helps you.

Of course you have to install it on the "Device Manager", see ya

5/10/08 10:42 PM # Posted By Darkslasher

Dude if i could hug you i would thank you so much!

5/14/08 10:07 AM # Posted By bojana

i SHOULD DOWNLOAD THEM FROM http://drop.io/A215_S7428Drivers
Included Drivers. THIS WEBSITE?

5/16/08 8:08 PM # Posted By Don Birdsall

This driver (at least the audio part)works
on my Toshiba P205-S36307.

I dumped Vista and set the machine up to dual
boot Linux and XP. Sound stopped working in
XP until I found this driver.

Thank you Dan.

5/18/08 12:43 PM # Posted By Jeb Simons

Flipping screens, moving screen... blah. When do they come up with a screen-only with a virtual keyboard. Just the screen...http://www.birmarket.com

5/22/08 9:02 AM # Posted By g man

is it okay and i re upload somewhere and make like a mirror? email me at superrevlis@gmail.com

5/26/08 9:34 PM # Posted By Nick

Amazing job with acquiring all of these drivers. You have officially saved my life :)


5/27/08 10:57 PM # Posted By Jerry

Can any one tell me if I can use windows xp pro on a toshiba A215-7414. I see other models in this but not mine. I really can not stand vista. Please Help

5/28/08 12:26 PM # Posted By dwi

my a215-s7422 is working really fine now, no question mark or
(it just fn button for bright +- thats don`t work) but i
still can live without it

btw..thanks dude
two thums for u :-)

5/28/08 3:08 PM # Posted By Agustin

hi i need the driver for the fn my cpu i can
put the chain down

5/31/08 3:22 AM # Posted By drivers

FULL Working !!!

Toshiba Satellite A215-S7422 Windows XP Drivers
on this site:


6/5/08 3:04 AM # Posted By Tim

This is insane. Everything I have read tells me the Vista sound driver for the A215-S7422 will also work in XP. I've managed to get EVERY OTHER DRIVER working EXCEPT the sound driver that's supposedly the easy part. The installer thinks it was successful but no sound device was installed. When I uninstall using Add/Remove programs the uninstaller says there was an error. I'm guessing it had an error trying to remove something that wasn't there, but I don't know what that something is.

Anybody have any suggestions?

6/6/08 8:44 PM # Posted By Ryan

Everything Worked on my A215-S5824 Model. My Processor is 1.9GHZ but its ready 1.59 Anyway to fix or do i need different drivers?

6/10/08 9:43 PM # Posted By katie

this is the most helpful thing i have ever come across regarding solutions to computer problems that seem impossible to fix. thank you so so so much for saving me tons of grief and even more time! :) :)

6/20/08 7:58 PM # Posted By Gabriel

Thanks a lot for the link to the Toshiba drivers; I will test them as soon as I finish downloading. As you probably know I dislike Vista (any version) with all my soul, I want performance, reliability, no dancing screens transparencies, big bother questions, and in general all the annoying NEW features unrelated to performance "What a piece of Sh..."

6/21/08 4:29 PM # Posted By Shawn

I own a Satellite A215 S7416 and have successfully "upgraded" to XP from Vista using the Toshiba Austrailia link provided in the comments above by Leeseifer. Below is a mini manual to help others who have a Toshiba laptop similar to mine:

1. Click the "Support" tab on the Toshiba Austrailia site which is provided below:


2. Click the "Drivers, BIOS, Utilities, Software" link under "Download Centre"

3. At the Download Center, do the following:

a. Under "Product", select "Notebooks"
b. Under "Family", select "Satellite"
c. Under series, select "A210-(PSAFGA)"

4. Enjoy the XP drivers the site provides! :D The Ethernet, WiFi, and ATI Radeon X1200 drivers are all there, as are the card reader drivers and the Hotkeys Utilities.

6/26/08 11:42 AM # Posted By sandra

Thank you .. for finding the darn chipset drivers. Your fix with the addition of a few other files from the toshiba website listed below allowed me to fix my Satellite A215-S5850 and cure it from the nightmare known as VISTA.
I had to have a system in a emergency and so bought this one and lived with vista for almost 3 weeks! Most of my software didn't work and what did work needed massive tweaking.

Now that I have XP working I can setup my Ubuntu dual boot and be happy.
For other seekers --
Use the driver pack and then go to toshiba and find these files through the askIRIS. The Model search will yield you nothing.
Here is what I loaded in order :
From the Download pack use the :
ATI SB600 Chipset, AMD Processor, ATI SMBUS, AMD AGP Filter, Realtek HD Audio, Realtek RTL8139-819x (run the install, reboot and do the have disk routine to make it work)
Get the ATI Video driver from ATI - 8-6-igp_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_sb_gart_enu_64783.exe
Atheros xp driver - driver_wifi_atheros_26689B.exe
Ricoh card xp driver - driver_card_reader_ricoh_266668A.exe
Then everything is happy.

6/26/08 2:26 PM # Posted By Sigit

I have A215-S5817
How to Downgrade Vista to XP?
anybody knows the drivers for complete pack?
give me the link please...

Vista dammnnn....

7/3/08 8:01 PM # Posted By Tyrone

I upgraded succesfully to WinXP SP2 (from Windows Beast-a) my Toshiba A215-S5824 using the drivers in the European Support website, I used all the drivers from the A210-199 Short Model PSAFGE ( http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/Tos... ) I browsed thru the available models and chose the most similar, I also downloaded the ATi Radeon X1200 driver from the ATi homepage, you MUST install the framework.net before installing the ATi driver or will appear an error from the MOM.exe, (if that happened to you, uninstall the Catalyst Control Center, install the framework.net and re-install the CCC) I found all the drivers there in a lot of languages (mine in Spanish, I'm from Colombia), my laptop is 100% working, and I'm very happy with my laptop now (Without that !@#$%*& Vista), THANK YOU GUYS you inspired me!!!!!!

7/12/08 3:34 PM # Posted By klinker

dude i have a toshiba satellite A205-S5804,
i have managed to install xp but now i cant get the ethernet driver and wireless lan drive for realtek, i have tried your 64 option but to no avail, can you please assist me?

7/12/08 7:19 PM # Posted By Koivu

I have a Toshiba Equium A200, and the driver
for Realtek RTL8187B WLan works just fine in tjis maskine too. Just go for it..!

7/12/08 8:19 PM # Posted By Tyrone

For the A205-S5804 try the download with Satellite, A Series, A200, PSAE, short model PSAE3E, install the drivers and let mo know about it

7/13/08 4:06 AM # Posted By klinker

Dude itried A Series, A200, PSAE, short model P
SAE3E,drivers but it did not work

7/14/08 7:26 PM # Posted By boojangles

can anyone point me towards a page discussing drivers for the A215-S7414? Will these drivers work just as well? I have half the mind to just install and try anyway. #@$#% vista

7/19/08 7:03 AM # Posted By Daniel Olaf

Hi, I'm using a Toshiba A200 P532 and I desperately need to switch to XP or else my Protools won't work. Can the driver provided here work with my laptop?

Thanks in advance!

7/21/08 11:35 PM # Posted By Collin

THIS ISN'T EVEN MY MODEL NUMBER AND THESE DRIVERS WORKED!... I have been looking ALL over for drivers... Thank you so much!!

7/29/08 7:50 AM # Posted By jay

i need the toshiba a215 drivers if you can telll me a site to get them ad terribly appreciate

7/30/08 8:29 PM # Posted By Tyrone

As you read in my comment, what I can suggest is to find the most similar laptop and use its drivers, that worked for me, go to the Europe webpage.

8/9/08 5:12 PM # Posted By Singh

does it work for A215-S4767?

8/9/08 6:54 PM # Posted By Daniel

Hey thanks, but I think the Toshiba-Asia website has got all the drivers I need. Thanks again for the effort :)

8/12/08 12:06 PM # Posted By Thinus

Hi, I bought a Toshiba L40 17t, and installed Xp on it, everything is working fine, exept I can't find any drivers for my wireless. If
you can please tell me where to find drivers for my laptop that works with xp i'd be a happy guy.

8/25/08 9:15 PM # Posted By Billy

When I download this zip, it says its corrupted or that
the archive is empty. What gives?

8/31/08 11:14 AM # Posted By dnandz

thank you guys..
my new laptop a215-s7437 is up and running today. and very fast on xp,i'm happy with it!!
lan driver, 5 in 1 ricoh driver,touchpad driver, sound driver i get from this link http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/Tos...
wireless and ati driver from http://www.toshiba.com.au/
everything seem okay now, the only problem i have is driver for modem device on high defenition audio bus, this item still in yellow mark on device manager, anybody can help me with this?
thanks for everybody for share this driver..

9/16/08 7:29 PM # Posted By zurlite

Most of the drivers that are needed can be found at Toshiba support for the UK website - its listed under Satellite A210. And for the sm bus controller, you have to download the display driver, unzip it, copy the unzipped folder to the desktop, then go into the device manager, click - update drivers and point it to that folder - it will update. I have all the drivers working on my satellite a215 for XP

9/20/08 5:22 PM # Posted By sapien

I know this site is dedicated to the A215-S7428 laptop, but I had the same problems with my S215-S7414. Most of the drivers in this package worked on my laptop. The only ones I still needed were the Ethernet, ATI Video, and Richo card reader. After getting everything installed correctly on my laptop I used DoubleDriver to extract all of the drives. They can be downloaded here: http://twerked.com/~sapien/toshiba_a215s7414/A215-...

9/20/08 5:24 PM # Posted By sapien

correction... I have an A215-S7414!

9/25/08 2:25 AM # Posted By Max Andrew

Hey ..... I have Toshiba A215 S6804 bought it from US Army BX in iraq
It come with win vista so I installed win xp then I find some driver of vista
working good in xp now i complete the driver install and my sat working
perfectly but ..... the damn FN key doesn't work !!!
so i starting looking for driver and I can't find it
some site and forums give me solution that update the BIOS so I have 1.5v
and update it to 1.7v and guess what sill the FN key did not work .
some body told me if I update the BIOS to (1.3v) it work ! how can do that ?
plzz help me and important thing is the brightness .

9/25/08 2:49 AM # Posted By zurlite

Be careful updating the bios - some bios updates are for vista only and could make things more difficult when it comes to operating xp on a vista laptop.
As far as the function key not working - I don't remember whether there is a download for the function keys - you could go to the toshiba support model selection site, and go to a older version - they keyboard functions will be the same for say an a135 as they would be for an a215 - see if there is a driver download for function keys or enhanced keyboard - something....
PS another option is to go back to vista - Its here to stay - might as well learn it before you get stuck in "old age syndrome" - I started with DOS - things have changed - you kinda have to change with it.

9/25/08 11:15 AM # Posted By Rob

I am having startup issues. It takes about a half an hour everytime I restart. I don't know what happened, and I am not sure I want to do a system restore, but I would like to repair my start-up operation.

Any clues??

9/27/08 11:36 PM # Posted By Claudio

Hi. The driver of WiFi Realtek 8187b for
Toshiba Satellite A215-S7433 works for the
A215-S7428. Download for the Toshiba SIte.

10/4/08 11:01 AM # Posted By ivan

hey ppl really usefull info here!
pitty its a bit outdated now :(
if anyone is still around
could u tell me if these drivers would
work on a toshiba a215 s6804??
mainly in the ricoh controllers... i got almopst everything else...


10/4/08 2:13 PM # Posted By PHIL


10/5/08 9:55 PM # Posted By ivan

hey phil thanx for the help!!
that worked ok!
could u help me a lilltle more?
i noticed that i am using the wrong keyboard driver now...
i need the drivers for the: microsoft natural ps/2 keyboard
but cant get it fron the internet for some reason... microsoft's site
keeps refusing me :(
if anyone cold tell me another way to get it it would be great!!

thanx again!

10/6/08 4:30 PM # Posted By ivan

found the one for the keyboard!!
now only one left!!!!
the ethernet controler...

the one in the download on the top of this page doesnt seem to work
i tried many times but windows doesnot recognize it as the rt stuff...
could someone point me to a diferent driver, a version sith an autoinstal
or the correct way to install it??

thnx :)

10/6/08 10:21 PM # Posted By metl0x

very helpful, thanks a lot pal, I cant´n find the realtek net drivers myself, you save me from vista nightmare =D

10/7/08 5:27 PM # Posted By Phil


PCIE_Install_5686(installshield 12_1.16)_0219

IT CAN BE DOWNLOADED AT VERSIONTRACKER.COM http://www.versiontracker.com/dyn/moreinfo/win/153...


10/8/08 7:39 PM # Posted By ivan

thnx for the help again phil!
i found the driver myself this morning
it is at the toshiba europe portal
just tipe toshiba europe in google and it is the first result
damn weird why they would have it there and nowhere else...
now everything works!
thnx ppl!

scr*w vista!

10/8/08 7:42 PM # Posted By ivan

the last link is broken phil...

11/12/08 1:30 AM # Posted By Thomas

Im having problems getting the drivers, it seems I need a password to get the drivers, Any help please ^^

12/7/08 1:14 AM # Posted By david472g0

ya! vista . HD crash install new one.fresh start so out with the vista and in with XP sounds easy but my toshit-ba would not read my xp disk.luck out got turn on to a copy of last XP15 worked OS install but had missing driver the same as you.next hunted down drivers got it working sweet all but builded in wi-fi got a usb one all was good.but 4mons later the sh-t lock up.recover did not work last xp disk did not work.I was almost going to pay to have it fix.luck out again downloaded for dell a recover xp disk fix me up all the same diver so I gave in and reinstalled Vista! sorry for going on,no more micorsoft or toshiba for me the time!

12/8/08 1:45 PM # Posted By Billy Rodriguez

Thank you so much for all this information. I just had the same experience with Toshiba. You can read about it at www.customerannoyance.com they are ridiculous and I'm glad I no longer have to spend hours talking to them about how to fix it.

12/10/08 3:02 PM # Posted By Phil

I may have a new one for this post in regards to my Toshiba A135-S2326 laptop. It originally had Vista and I did a clean install of XP. After two months of searching and learning, I've been able to find all drivers except for two "unknown"(As device manager labels them). The only problem I'm running into is with my DVD burner. Here's the situation and I hope one of you all would have some insight on a solution:

Firmware: PT06
Reads/Writes: CD-R,RW; DVD-R,RW,RAM; DVD+R,RW
Interface: Atapi

The DVD burner only reads as CD. When in Windows Explorer, it shows as DVD-RAM. When I input a data disc, it reads for about 3 minutes and then shows as CD. The error I get is the disc is damaged, but I get that for all burnt DVD discs that work in my other computers. I first went to Toshiba and downloaded the firmware, but is not compatible with XP. Then, I updated my current driver, but it was already most current version available. Then, I uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, but had no success. I even installed Driver Scanner which found four drivers I was unable to locate, but didn't adjust the problem with the DVD player.

I've searched all over the internet and found that this particular DVD player is being used in XP, although most commonly found with Vista. I've hit a brick wall, and not sure where to go.

I haven't seen an issue such as this one in this post, which makes me believe I'm making a very simple error. Any help on this situation would be greatly appreciated. I'm a little new to this side of troubleshooting so I hope I've given sufficient information to any helpers. If not, please let me know and I'll get whatever information is needed to help me come to a resolution.

Thanks again,

12/13/08 6:28 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

It appears the site hosting the driver zip download that was so helpful to you folks, has expired the file and there is no back-up copy. If you have the original zip file you downloaded to (up)grade your Toshiba laptop to XP, please let me know. I would like to post it up somewhere else so it can be useful to someone else.



12/13/08 6:34 PM # Posted By Robert Run

How's about somebody telling me how to turn that stupid blue light off..

12/26/08 8:48 PM # Posted By Ofer

Please republishhh!! this thing is gone

1/7/09 2:51 PM # Posted By david

please republish!!

1/7/09 4:00 PM # Posted By Phil

I currently don't have the history for what I found since I used Driver Scanner to locate most of the drivers for me. I'll create a file with all my drivers in there and post here, but not sure how to keep the file available online for users to download at will. Any suggestions? I'll be more than happy to give what I have, I just don't know how to post a file such as that one.

1/7/09 4:07 PM # Posted By Phil

I just re-read Dan's post above. Dan, give me a few days and I'll contact you with the file so you can review and post as you see fit.

1/21/09 7:02 PM # Posted By byrdboy19

i would like to have these drivers too. can you send them to me?

2/5/09 5:29 AM # Posted By Kris

I really need these drivers. Can anyone email me kcrg27 at gmail.com or post the new link.

2/5/09 11:49 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

OK Folks. The Drivers Link has been updated.

A special thanks to an unnamed good Samaritan who helped recover these drivers from the ether once again.

Please let me know if there are any problems with the materials.

Happy upgrading to XP!


2/7/09 12:27 AM # Posted By Jay

the zip file requires a password?? does anybody know it or have an unlocked copy? it took me soo long to find this and i got so excited to download it and then more disappointment. please someone help me. email me at mx77 @ silkspinner.com - thank you

2/13/09 2:03 AM # Posted By Marc

Just downloaded and tried them today, wont unzip on either of my computers, says unknown method on all
the files using the newest version of winrar. Suggestions?

2/15/09 10:47 PM # Posted By licha35

I have a Toshiba A215-S5824 which I switched from Vista to XP and I am missing the Ricoh MMC Host Controller and SM Bus Controller. Anyone has any ideas I can located these drivers for my laptop? Greatly appreciate it!

2/15/09 11:14 PM # Posted By licha35

Found the SM Bus Controller at this site: http://www.pcreview.co.uk/forums/thread-533040.php...

2/16/09 7:14 AM # Posted By James B.

Try this for the Wireless lan adapater driver. It worked for me.

It was listed under a different models.


2/19/09 4:35 AM # Posted By Orion

I cant get them install . What am I doing wrong ? I tried to uncompress the drivers with winzip
and winrar . They say that the file is " unknown compression type " or asks for a password that I dont have .
I tried to manually install them the way they are , but it would not let me . Whats the
proper procedure , step by step ???

3/1/09 12:43 PM # Posted By Bornor

DUDE! DAN! Thank you for everything, i used your site to figure this issue out before, about a year ago, and i had to reinstall XP on this machine, i came here for support, bu the .zip is in fact password protected... It would be awesome if I knew it somehow...

Cheers and Thanks again!

3/5/09 8:23 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

The drivers are back online. Use this link to get them.


Thanks to all who helped!


4/13/09 8:06 AM # Posted By jay

can anyone help me on how to instal these drivers. i dl it but it came with all the folders but i donno how to instal it or where to paste it in to.

5/4/09 5:01 AM # Posted By thomas

driver site is down =/

5/4/09 6:09 AM # Posted By Mark

This site and all it's comments have been an AMAZING amount of help for my s4767 "upgrade" to windows XP Pro. thanks so much for all the great ideas, and for all the links.

Still need the Biometric Coprocessor. Has a yellow "?"


Got the Audio from here, wifi from

5/4/09 6:18 AM # Posted By Mark

Oops, hit Post to quickly.

Got the Audio from this site in the A215 Series Drivers set.

Wifi here:
Client Utility

Display here:

Hope these links can help someone else later.

5/23/09 11:48 PM # Posted By dIEGO


7/2/09 9:30 AM # Posted By a4fans

I downloaded and installed the drive, but i can't find the battery program now, i got the toshiba battery at http://www.laptopbatteryshop.co.uk/laptop-batterie...
replacement not work?

7/15/09 6:41 AM # Posted By mike demarais

hey could you mirror this .zip file becuase drop.io will not let me download it.. it says that it has reached the 1000 download limit.. thanks

8/1/09 1:15 PM # Posted By Joe

Drivers exceeded download limit again. Isn't there a better place to put them?

8/2/09 12:44 PM # Posted By juss

Please reupload, rapidshare if possible

8/4/09 2:22 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

The drivers are back online at rapidshare.


Let me know if you run into problems by leaving a comment.

8/19/09 7:44 AM # Posted By miro

Where is the driver for * Realtek 8187B Wifi (need to be installed manually!)
? I've downloaded from the link on the rapidshare, but there is no one driver for wi-fi...
where I am wrong?

8/25/09 7:28 PM # Posted By Frank Oliveras

Thanks for everything... I also ran into another Toshiba and got the drivers somewhere out there... There seems that Toshiba thinks that hard drives don't crash and burn and Vista sucks so badly that you wanna run back to XP...

9/24/09 2:21 PM # Posted By kash

thanks Shwan...this is awsome guys...

1. Click the "Support" tab on the Toshiba Austrailia site which is provided below:


2. Click the "Drivers, BIOS, Utilities, Software" link under "Download Centre"

3. At the Download Center, do the following:

a. Under "Product", select "Notebooks"
b. Under "Family", select "Satellite"
c. Under series, select "A210-(PSAFGA)"

4. Enjoy the XP drivers the site provides! :D The Ethernet, WiFi, and ATI Radeon X1200 drivers are all there, as are the card reader drivers and the Hotkeys Utilities.

10/20/09 1:12 PM # Posted By lhon

how can i install the programs? help

12/22/09 4:11 PM # Posted By davidmanley

hello all,

I have a satellite a215-85818 and downgraded to xp like many and have been successful with all drivers except I cannot get my wifi to work. I have installed 3 different drivers with no luck. could anyone please help?

1/29/10 8:43 PM # Posted By rick

i have a a215 s7433/ psafgu 01X002 i downgraded to xp pro dont have lots of yellow like everyone else, i cant seem to find any of mine, i tried the aus toshiba site but didnt have my model number, i cant connect to the internet on my laptop so i have to burn everything to disk'' i cant find my flash drive..anyway if anyone here would be willing to walk me through this i would really appreciate it. my email is naphobia@comcast.net

2/8/10 5:50 PM # Posted By Lee

Is there any place else that you know of to get these drivers. I cant get them from rapid share with out singing up and i dont have a credit card.

2/18/10 10:31 AM # Posted By Remo

Why put it on Rapidshare? That website is a piece of shit! If I knew who the owner of that website was, I would go to there house and GOUGE THEIR EYES OUT WITH MY THUMBS!!!! OMFG I HATE THAT WEBSITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice drivers. :D

2/23/10 5:05 PM # Posted By B-man

I downloaded the drivers from rapidshare and was very excited to get moving.

Unfortunately, the drivers are shit.
None of them work and most are missing file portions thast cannot be found.

Nothing like a big tease....

2/23/10 5:59 PM # Posted By B-MAN

Ok...taking a deep breath and trying to relax...in all fairness...SOME od the drivers won't install on an A215.


2/23/10 6:19 PM # Posted By B-MAN

How are we to install the audio drivers that Dan has provided in the zip file?

My device manager does not show that thwere is any audio card installed at all...????

3/8/10 12:06 AM # Posted By hub

dude... awesome. Thank you- I just UPGRADED to XP from Vista Ultimate; Vista kept giving me sh**ty download rates and was using like 700mb in pagefile. XP SP3, after all the updates, i susing 150mb of pagefile :) And my transfer/download/upload rates are constant.

I am using the Toshiba Satellite A215- S7428 with 2GB of RAM. Toshiba's site blows, and so does Realteks; so you posting this saved years of my life.


3/8/10 12:58 AM # Posted By hub

Had some issues with A215-S7428 - but I resolved the video controller and SM Bus Cpntroller issue with the below link.

ATI X1200 drivers for XP-
(Results of report after I installed)
Name ATI Radeon X1200 Series
Manufacturer ATI Technologies Inc
Device ID 0x791f
Vendor ID 0x1002
Class Code 0x030000
Revision ID 0x00
Subsystem ID 0xff1a
Subsystem vendor ID 0x1179
Other hardware

Existing packages
Packages for install
ATI Catalyst Install ManagerFinal Status: Success
Version of Item: 3.0.762.0
Size: 20 Mbytes
AMD SMBus DriverFinal Status: Success
Version of Item: 5.10.1000.8
Size: 1 Mbytes

DRIVER HERE- Scroll down and download the 'SouthBridge' Driver. Currently it is version 10.2 and works!

3/8/10 1:39 AM # Posted By hub

errm, darnit. It installed without errors but didn't install the drivers. It's missing a file.
I found that ATI had a legacy driver download and I installed it and now my video drivers work, for real! WIndows even did the pop-up and said "Aren't certified drivers, COntinue Anyway" You know that screen.
Windows XP Pro / Home > Integrated / Motherboard > Radeon X1200

When you click go, the next page will explain that this is the last set of drivers for this product and it has been moved or something. So; who'd a thought to look under IUNtegrated, versus Notebook or Radeon, lol.

This works beast! I happy now.

3/14/10 3:43 PM # Posted By gasimu stevens

daz my guy who has save me from lots of head ache.thanks a million

3/30/10 12:38 AM # Posted By XP Is The Best!

Thank you so much for taking the time to research this and posting this online!!!!

4/2/10 7:04 AM # Posted By Jean

Thanks a lot,
Lord blesses you...

4/14/10 8:05 PM # Posted By Slava:)

This is what helped me with the Brightness Issue, this is a simple Toll to in stall and use


work for me and less issues

4/23/10 5:05 AM # Posted By pankaj rai

I have a Toshiba (satellite A215-S7428)laptop but it has lost its sound after formatting and i have no any drivers what should i do to make this problem fix.

6/13/12 7:36 AM # Posted By Dan-Doc Frederick

You are a god amongst men. I have been searching for these drivers for days....thanks pal. You are the best!

11/18/12 2:27 AM # Posted By don

can you please provide the updated link for win xp drivers of A215-S7428 as i am unable to download from the previous link. Thank you in advance...

1/6/13 12:50 PM # Posted By Zovi

The rapidshare link is dead. Could you please reupload these drivers?

2/17/13 6:21 PM # Posted By MusicLover

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