My new Lenovo x61s specs out at over $11,000

The Lenovo x61s is one of the best Ultra Portable laptops on the market. I have confidence in Lenovo quality and would purchase this laptop without hesitation, were it not $11,000.

I propose Lenovo mail me a well equipped x60s and I'll perform a fair review and post it here. If I were to spend such a significant amount of money on a laptop, I would expect it to preserve my data after a Car Crash. I would also expect it to function in the weightless environment found during an Alien Abduction. (I've got to get the pics on Flickr or no one would believe me.)

Thankfully, Lenovo posted such videos of laptop tests in car crashes (very cool when the laptop hits the wall and flexes), water tanks (a bit hokey) and weightless environments (plain awesome). You can view the videos on Lenovo Vision.

Here are some other reasons why I like Lenovo

  • Offers XP in addition to Vista
  • Linux Friendly
  • Has large office in RTP, North Carolina
  • Legendary Reliability
  • Laptop keyboard designed to withstand accidental liquid spillage up to 60cc
  • Has super-sweet Ultra Portable line. (x60 and x60s)

I need to purchase an Ultra Portable this year. I hoped Apple would release their new hardware in time. It looks like they won't. Stay tuned for any sweet deals on Lenovo!

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