So you want to install ModelGlue:Unity

ModelGlue:Unity is a ColdFusion framework that comes with a lot of of functionality and power right out of the box. In this tutorial, we will download all of the files needed to install ModelGlue:Unity, set up the framework and test our configuration.

ModelGlue:Unity requires the ModelGlue framework as well as the ColdSpring framework. We begin by downloading each part then placing them under our webroot.

You can find the latest builds in zip file format at of ModelGlue:Unity at Select the most recent build and save it in a folder.

Update: Make sure the version of the ModelGlue:Unity framework is at LEAST version 284.

You will run into errors if you use an earlier version of the ModelGlue:Unity framework.

You can find version 284 here. A complete list of builds is here. Note the builds are sorted alphabetically so if you want the most recent, pay attention to the LAST decimal number. I.E. is a later version then even though it appears above in the list.

Next, download Coldspring 1.0 into the same directory.

Update: These instructions assume you will have both frameworks in webroot.

Placing frameworks in webroot is standard and preferred practice. If for some reason you MUST place the frameworks in a directory apart from webroot, you will need ColdFusion mappings for ModelGlue and for ColdSpring. There are few good reasons to install the frameworks in a directory other than webroot. If you have a good reason to do this, then you know who you are and what to do about it.

Now, unzip the contents of underneath your webroot. When complete, you should have 4 directories direct children of your webroot.

  1. documentation
  2. modelglue
  3. modelglueapplicationtemplate
  4. modelgluesamples

Next, unzip the contents of the file underneath your webroot. When complete you should have a directory called ColdSpring as a direct child of your webroot.

Verify the directories were created properly then run http://localhost/modelglueapplicationtemplate

If everything has been installed correctly, you will see:

Model-Glue 2.0: Unity

Model-Glue is up and running! Now Rejoice and tune in to the next tutorial.

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3/14/10 7:54 PM # Posted By John Barrett

Hi, I get this error:
The method setup was not found in component ModelGlue.gesture.eventrequest.phase.Initialization.

Any thoughts, been having a hard time setting up Model Glue:(