Working with Transfer? Don't miss Bob Silverbergs Blog!

This year at CF.Objective(), I finally met Bob Silverberg in person. Bob, along with Clayton Partridge, runs the Toronto CFUG. Bob is an intelligent guy, fun to hang out with ( ask him about our Epic Golden Tee session at the Conference bar :) ) and is doing some very interesting things with Transfer.

I found out today that Bob has a blog. You can find it at

His most interesting posts have been on Transfer, like:

If you plan on using TransferORM to the max, Bob's blog should be on your list!

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5/21/08 1:07 PM # Posted By Bob Silverberg

Thanks Dan! We'll have to stage a rematch at next year's cfO ;-)


5/21/08 3:28 PM # Posted By Chris Phillips

You guys up for getting pwned next year too?

5/21/08 3:33 PM # Posted By Paul Marcotte

Huzzah! Bob makes me pause and think every time we talk. Keep up the posts, Bob!

As for the Golden Tee, I'm in. I can't do any worse than this year. ;)