Transfer 1.1 has compelling features

Last night, Mark Mandel released Transfer 1.1. While only a .1 release on paper, this is a compelling upgrade for Transfer users. Let's dig in a little at some of the more fun features, shall we?

Performance Enhancements

Performance gains in any software is always appreciated. In Transfer, Mark notes about a 25% speed improvement. Upgrade for this alone!

TQL Custom Tags

TQL (Transfer Query Language) is designed to work like SQL and operates on your configured Transfer Objects. Thanks to Elliott, you get to use a common CFQuery like wrapper, making the syntax even more intuitive.

Cache Enhancements

There were several enhancements to the cache mechanism. Important stuff like Introspection and statistics for caching layer (Now you can see what is going on inside that caching layer), new time based caching config and enhancements to the object discard routine.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been squashed in this release.

Download TransferORM v1.1

Working with Transfer? Don't miss Bob Silverbergs Blog!

This year at CF.Objective(), I finally met Bob Silverberg in person. Bob, along with Clayton Partridge, runs the Toronto CFUG. Bob is an intelligent guy, fun to hang out with ( ask him about our Epic Golden Tee session at the Conference bar :) ) and is doing some very interesting things with Transfer.

I found out today that Bob has a blog. You can find it at

His most interesting posts have been on Transfer, like:

If you plan on using TransferORM to the max, Bob's blog should be on your list!