What does the New Kids on the Block have to do with 360|Flex?

I've interviewed John Wilker, who along with Tom Ortega, founded 360Conferences. John is an interesting guy who came up through the ranks as a ColdFusion programmer and later moved over to also developing Flex applications. Not mentioned in the interview, John has taken a co-host spot alongside Jeffry Houser on the Flex Show podcast. Be sure and tune in regularly.

360|Flex Atlanta is February 25-27, 2008. I went to the first ever 360|Flex conference in San Jose. It was a really Good Conference

Not academic nor dry, 360|Flex is alive, unpretentious and exciting! I learned more in some 1 hour sessions than I did in a week of pouring over Flex documentation. The food was always good. The conference was packed with lots of interesting people. You should get your ticket before they are all gone.

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1/29/08 1:59 PM # Posted By Jeffry Houser

Thanks for the plug for the show; and thanks for listening.

( By the way, there is no 2nd E in my name, it's just Jeffry )

1/29/08 2:02 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson


I've edited the post. I am sorry for misspelling your name.