ColdFusion list functions in Javascript?

How many times have you wished for that?

ColdFusion is tops at list parsing. I remember back in the day all my data structures were either lists or structs. With some combination of structs and lists, I could solve anything. Of course, that was before UDFs and Components and all that.

Anyways, Topper at cftopper has made available javascript functions that operate on lists. The wait is officially over. No more tossing about with ugly looking arrays.... ;)

Have a look

UPDATE: There are at least two three other CF/Javascript projects out there:

1. From Leftcorner JavaScript Library of ColdFusion Functions.

This is a JavaScript library that emulates many ColdFusion functions. It is useful for ColdFusion developers who are new to JavaScript or who want to maintain consistency in a ColdFusion and JavaScript mixed application. It is also useful for developers who prefer the ColdFusion (and Visual Basic) syntax of invoking functions.

2. From Shlomy Gantz CFMLjsLibrary

Basically it is a translation of ColdFusion functions to javascript.

3. For the JQuery fans from Christopher Jordan CFJS for jQuery is a set of ColdFusion functions written for JavaScript and can be accessed as $.funcName();

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