How Many Zeros In A Million

This blog hit over a million total views today. Well, I think it was today, I can't be sure.

Last week I noticed the page count was somewhere near 990k and I wanted to get a screen shot of when the site rolled over to a cool million. It looks like I missed it by a few hundred. Oh well, I guess I can try to pay better attention when I hit a billion. (Heh.)

So thanks to those who come and read articles from I hope you found them as helpful to you as they were to me when I wrote them.

Things to keep in mind when running a customer feedback survey

I received a request from American Express to take a 'short' survey about their rewards program. I respect American Express as a company and use their products happily. The survey invitation offered 10$ to complete the 'short' survey so I chose to take it.



I've been working on a Data Conversion for the last month and a half. I didn't want the assignment. I don't like data conversions. I only did it because I know the people. It seems I get in more trouble when I try to help people. I guess I am a sucker. Oh, and they were ready to write a check. ;)

I ran into plenty of surprises with this conversion. There were even a few places where the primary keys in a table were duplicated. In one case, there were 47 different rows with the same primary key. Since this table was the base relationship for 5 other tables, you can imagine my fun at trying to unwind it all.

The good news is I have delivered the conversion to the client. They are pleased thus far and they are going to review the data this week. If all goes well, I am done. Tell you the truth, it couldn't come any sooner.

I'd like to pick back up with the Model Glue series soon. I believe we have Security, Ajax, ORM with Transfer and Internationalization (i18n Thank you Mr Gonda :)

If there are any other requests, let me know

And remind me not to take on any more Database conversions.