Mach-II 1.5 Application Skeleton

I've put together an application skeleton for Mach-II 1.5 applications. This application skeleton is a nice way to get a Mach-II application up and running quickly. Neil Middleton, Peter Farrell, Matt Williams and Erik Meier each contributed in some way and Neil Middleton was kind enough to create an ANT task to automate the process

The code has been contributed to the Mach-II group and should be available on the official site soon.

About this skeleton:

  • Shows best practice for integrating with ColdSpring using the ColdSpringProperty.xml
  • Will detect if you have ColdSpring installed correctly. If you do not, it will nag you.
  • Shows how to use the subroutine feature of Mach-II 1.5 (thanks for the suggestion Neil)
  • Shows a sample Listener and xml configuration
  • Shows a sample Filter and xml configuration
  • Shows a sample Plugin and xml configuration
  • Has an ANT task for rapidly creating new applications (thanks again Neil)
  • Points to correct Mach-II 1.5 DTD references


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5/15/08 11:09 AM # Posted By CoolJJ

The Application.cfc file contains <cfset = "xxRedactedxx" />. And possibly the ant build could be modified to change this value to the the user supplies?

Otherwise, nice work on creating the skeleton!

5/15/08 11:27 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson


Thanks for spotting some room for improvement. I've updated the ANT build file to also change the application name in the Application.cfc as you've suggested and refreshed the zip file available for download.


5/15/08 11:56 AM # Posted By Sami Hoda

Nice work Dan. I'll be playing with this soon.

5/20/08 11:54 PM # Posted By ivan

Nice work Dan.thanks for you!

6/4/08 10:19 AM # Posted By Reinhard Jung

cool Tool!!!!!

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