What is a Partner – Part 1

If you remember, I spent 17 years building software, running a startup, and also running a consultancy. Imagine my surprise when I entered the corporate world after a 12-year hiatus.

Apparently, the industry has redefined what the word "Partner" means. Due to my role, I get many emails, offers to connect on Linked In, and other unsolicited communications to "Partner" with another company. Their definition of Partner is for me to get out my checkbook and pay them to do something.

I know I'm not one of the "cool kids" any longer. I'm middle-aged, a parent and I've got a couple of grey hairs. (Queue Grandpa Simpson Voice) However, back in my day that used to be called a Vendor relationship. A partner used to imply something a bit more meaningful.

If you "contact" me with a desire to "partner", please be upfront of how we are partnering. Your proposal should be a bit more meaningful than asking for check for a product or service. If we entered that sort of relationship, I am your customer or client, not your "partner".

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