DirectTV Fraud 888-407-2674

I've been contacted by a company claiming to be from Direct TV. They claim I can take advantage of a promotion with Amazon to pay 5 months of my bill with an Amazon Gift Card. If I do that, I'll get 2 years at a very reduced rate.

I've been stringing these guys along for a few days now, just to see how this works and how I can report it. Since I am not sure how best to shut this down, I'm putting the information on this website. Hopefully it shows up when you google the number or something else. No reputable company would ask you to do this. Further, always google the company and call the phone numbers listed on their site, not some weird number you get from a weird guy on the phone.

  • Company Caller ID: Mas Tec
  • Originating Number: 800-531-5000
  • Promotion Code: CXDTV6266
  • Number to Call: 888-407-2674
  • Identifying characteristics of caller: Indian accents

So if you end up on this web page, and suspect this is happening to you, it's fraud and you should not buy any gift cards. I would expect as this scam evolves, the gift card vendor will change from Amazon.... in short, Gift cards are the same as cash, so never pay weird bills over the phone with them.

If you need the billing phone number for Direct TV, call: 1 (800) 531-5000 and get through the phone tree for billing (Ask for representative).

This is not a knock on Indian people, nor on Direct TV. Both are awesome.

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