Presentation Files - Our application got popular and now it breaks!

I've just posted the presentation "Our application got popular and now it breaks!" that was delivered at Dev.Objective() 15. If you were at the conference and would like the presentation files, you can find a PDF version here. You can also view this presentation on Slideshare

So you helped build a cool application and the public is flooding your site with traffic. What's that smell? Is a server on fire? Oh No! If only you'd thought more about the performance implications of some of your decisions, things would be better. Now, the phones ring at 4AM with angry customers, rousing you out of bed. There isn't enough coffee in the world to get you through these disastrous weeks ahead. You could have avoided all of this by coming to this session.

Bullet Points:

  • Simple design decisions that come back to bite you
  • How to use infrastructure for fun and profit
  • Making the data tier work for you
  • Performance traps and how to get out of them
  • How to be sure your application can handle popularity
  • The audience should have a working knowledge of server programming

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