Gmail Gmail, how thou hast forsaken me

  • Oh Gmail, Gmail
  • How thou hath forsaken me
  • Thou makest me to switch accounts where there used to be no problems
  • Thou loggest me out at inopportune moments when I've emails to write
  • Thou ignorest my pleas to open different accounts in multiple tabs
  • I beat my breast and tear my clothes in anguish...
  • I regreteth having multiple email accounts running off thine servers...

Alas, there is no answer....

( yes I know all about enabling multiple accounts. I've done that and gmail still sucketh. I want it back the way it was. Back when each tab seemed to be a sufficient separation....)

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7/5/11 8:57 PM # Posted By Jules Gravinese

Have you tried Prism (for firefox)? It creates an app out of any url. Since each app has it's own set of preferences and cache, you can make an app for each of your gmail accounts. That's what I do. Works like a champ.

7/6/11 4:28 PM # Posted By anon

I have used Google Chrome's Stealth mode to truly open gmail accounts separately.

7/17/11 6:41 PM # Posted By Dan Lancelot

I share your pain.
I have taken to having my 3 primary accounts simultaneously logged in in google chrome, with a notifier plugin that allows me to switch directly to any of indexer accounts in a new tab - which takes away my main frustration that switching accounts using the google drop down replaces the content if the current tab. For the fourth account, I have that open in opera.
Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but still infinitely better than trying to manage multiple mail accounts in something like Outlook!