Why You Should Come to Pecha Kucha at CF.Objective()

Pecha Kucha sounds like an ancient martial art, or possibly the newest weight loss craze, doesn't it? What it actually is, is a series of rapid fire presentations on a variety of topics. By short, I mean each presenter has exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds to inform and entertain the audience. By variety, well, you'll just have to show up to see who'll present on what.

As the audience member you'll get 9 different presentations by 9 different speakers in the span of an hour. The presenters promise to be informative, interesting and engaging.

List of Presenters

There is no better way to spend an hour on Friday night at CF.Objective(). Satisfaction Guaranteed, or your money back!

Come to Pecha Kucha at 8PM, Friday the 23rd. See you there!

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4/16/10 9:21 AM # Posted By Duncan Nisbett

Your ad on the top of your site for http://cfobjective.com/ has a bad link. It tries to link to http://cfobjective.com/precon.cfm. Now the error is kinda funny because you would think they would have error handling for missing templates...lol.

4/16/10 9:40 AM # Posted By Curt Gratz

Informative, interesting and engaging huh, great, there goes my plan to be annoying, boring, and monotone