Vote for Adobe Napalm

Go vote right now on the name of the next Flash Based RIA Framework.

I voted for Napalm. Think about it. Listen to the ring of the syllables. Imagine the really cool icon. Now vote for it.

Adobe Napalm belongs with awesome product names like ColdFusion, AIR, Catalyst....have you voted for it yet?

Maybe we should have a role-play where you introduce the framework to your boss...

    Me: Check out our ultra-cool, elegant branded application that saves a hundred baby seals per hour.

    Boss: Looks amazing! You built that in a week all by yourself? What powers it?

    Me: Adobe Napalm.

    Boss: (in Neo Voice) Whoa! Can I Vote for it?

P.S. I didn't come up with the name, but I'm kinda partial to it.

P.S.S Have you voted for it yet?

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8/28/09 11:28 PM # Posted By stylo~

What an incredibly thoughtless and insular suggestion.

Why not "My Lai"?

"Targeted political assassination" is cool but too long. "TPA"?

"EIT" (Enhanced interrogation techniques)?

8/30/09 4:10 PM # Posted By Jensa

Yeah. Have to agree with @stylo. Very insensitive suggestion sending nothing but bad vibes. Naming a framework after something that killed thousands of innocent people won't get you many followers...

9/14/09 1:53 PM # Posted By Anna M. Bond

Adobe Napalm is a powerful version. This version is a perfect complement to Adobe.