Bluetooh Headset: Plantronics Voyager Pro Review

I wrote about wanting the Plantronics Voyager Pro bluetooth headset a few months ago and left the reader with the promise of a review. Well, here it is.

In short, the Plantronics Voyager Pro is well worth the money. I paid $100 when I purchased it from Best Buy (the only place that had it in stock) and the price meant this headset would have to perform in the top 5% of all headsets for me to be pleased. The good news is the headset excelled in all categories. Stop reading this now. Go get one.

Things I like

  • Super long battery life
  • Very quick charging
  • Very comfortable wear
  • Good noise cancelling for constant background noise
  • Seems hard to break

Things I don't like

  • --- editors note: do I have to make up something to put here before I release this article? I want people to think I'm fair and balanced, not in love with this headset, which I actually am.

The headset I'm replacing

I replaced an Aliph Jawbone 2, which I didn't like at all over the Jawbone 1. Both Jawbones have less battery power than the Plantronics Voyager Pro and both Jawbones are likely to break when placed in a pocket, unlike the Plantronics Voyager Pro. Both Jawbones are likely to pop loose from my ear as well, whereas the Plantronics Voyager Pro is much more likely to stay on my ear, even if I shake my head like a dog, or a death metal rocker.

Info On The Plantronics Voyager Pro

If you want, you can watch this simple video demonstration of the Plantronics Voyager Pro Bluetooth Headset.

It looks like the price is holding around $99 dollars, pretty much what I paid for it. See results and reviews at the Google Products page for the Plantronics Voyager Pro so you might as well head to the local Best Buy and pick one up. After 2 months of continual use, I am completely happy with the Plantronics Voyager Pro and don't miss either my Jawbone 1 or my Jawbone 2 in the least.

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7/23/09 6:07 AM # Posted By Critter

I actually ended up picking one of these up as well. I have been just as pleased. I'm not a fan of the ones that just sit in the ear as they seem to flop around on me quite a bit.. this one, even though it sits over (and is a bit larger than the jawbone.. fits /way/ better, with no sway..

i have yet to have somebody in conversation tell me that they cannot hear me on it..

7/23/09 6:59 AM # Posted By Mike Brunt

This is good timing as I just got myself a bollocking iPhone and Palm Pre and I too was sadly disappointed with the newer jawbone which I don't thing works well with the Palm Pre. Thanks for the review.

7/23/09 7:12 AM # Posted By Rob Wilkerson

I could not agree more. I was just saying on Twitter the other day that I think I finally found a Bluetooth headset that manages not to suck. It's comfortable, the sounds to solid and, as you say, the battery life is astounding.

I too came from a Jawbone (don't remember which) that I absolutely hated. It was the exact opposite in every way that I mentioned above from the Voyager Pro.

7/23/09 10:27 AM # Posted By Douglas Knudsen

so, does it actually work with both the iPhone and a Mac Book Pro? Further, does it work with Skype on the MBP? Useless to me if it can't do all three. I have two BT headsets now that worked perfect with a BlackBerry and Skype in Windows, but are unusable with the iPhone, MBP, Skype.

7/24/09 10:35 AM # Posted By Rob Wilkerson

@Douglas -

Yep. I've only tried it with a test call (I've never actually used Skype in the "real world"), but it works fine. You have to have your headset paired with the MBP, of course, and then tweak your Skype audio settings to accept the headset as the I/O device, but then it's great.

It also works with my Blackberry Curve.

Hope that helps.

7/31/09 1:32 AM # Posted By Ergonomic Chairs

I was looking out for a rough and tough Bluetooth headset for my iPhone. Thanks for the post

8/3/09 1:54 AM # Posted By Sharon Stevens

Thanks for the info. I was searching for this headst froma long time.

8/3/09 12:04 PM # Posted By Charlie Griefer

I've had Jawbones (both 1 and 2). Currently using the Jawbone 2, and I'm not happy with it. Yes, it's discrete, which I like, but not enough to overcome the other issues. I've had many people tell me they couldn't hear me. The earbuds are not comfortable. I just picked up some Jabra eargels, as I heard they work well with the Jawbone 2. It did sit a little bit more comfortably in my ear, but the Voice Activating Sensor no longer sat flush on my cheek, so nobody could hear me.

Ordered the Plantronics Voyager Pro last night based on your recommendation. Looking forward to trying it out.

2/22/10 11:19 PM # Posted By Charlie Griefer

Hey Dan:

Don't know if you're still enamored with your Voyager Pro...

After a few months, I wasn't quite as thrilled as I originally was. Despite trying various sized earbuds, I couldn't get the earpiece to sit well in my ear. It felt like the whole thing was just hanging by the loop over my ear. Kind of uncomfortable and also made it difficult to hear the other party.

The other (more minor) issue I had was that if I had -any- sort of facial hair growth, the boom mike would tear 'em out whisker by whisker.

As luck would have it, my Voyager Pro broke recently. Now, I was happy enough with the performance of the Pro, so didn't mind going to another Plantronics device. Picked up a Discovery 975.

So far I'm really happy with it.

Pairs with multiple sources, so I can use it with the phone as well as with Skype on my MBP (or another phone). It doesn't use an earhook, but rather a gel earbud that stays in my ear pretty well. Still has the non-discrete long boom mike, but not the whisker-ripping-out kind of boom mike.

If you find yourself in the market for another bluetooth headset, definitely check it out.

6/29/11 6:33 AM # Posted By mark

Although people I talk to with the Voyager Pro compliment the clarity...I can barely hear them. The Voyager Pro is a complete waste of money because the in ear volume cannot be turned up hi enough to overcome normal background noise like driving in a car(with windows up, no radio, no passenegers). Although the fit is better than any Jawbone, at least the jawbone allows proper volume to use anywhere you want to go.

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