NC Conference - New Date Proposed

Planning for the NC ColdFusion conference is in high gear. We got excellent feedback on the conference dates/details from both speakers and from attendees. Most importantly, we realized our proposed date accidentally collided with the BFusion/BFlex conference. The Bfusion/BFlex conference is our inspiration for the NC conference. Bob Flynn, conference organizer, and others, have been very supportive of the NC Conference and we want to show our respect by not scheduling on the same day as them. Thus, after much discussion, consultation of calendars and the like, the new proposed schedule is Oct. 17-18th.

If we can make Oct. 17-18th work for the community, then we'll move ahead with that. Our next chance would be to do something in the Spring. (Or raise the price and do it in the Bahamas in winter :) )

The other option on the table is whether to provide a second day of training on the Adobe Flex framework. We propose a 6 hour Bring Your Own Laptop session targeted at beginner level Hands On Flex training. If you have some programming experience and want a hand making your first (or second) Flex application, this is for you. We're looking for responses from the community of whether or not this is interesting.

So if you are considering attending/speaking, please let us know how you feel on the following:

  • Does Oct. 17th - 18th work for your schedule?
  • Are you interested in attending/speaking/teacher assisting the Oct. 18th 6 hour Bring Your Own Laptop session targeted at beginner level Hands On Flex training?
  • Are you interested in more ColdFusion sessions on Oct 18th instead of Flex training?

Thanks for sharing your opinions and helping us tune this conference for the good of the community.

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6/21/09 8:49 PM # Posted By Sarah Kelly

Those dates are fine too. Either set of sessions on the 18th would be good.

6/21/09 9:05 PM # Posted By Simon Free

Those dates work fine for me. I am willing to do whatever you need. teach, assist, put me wherever i can be used best.

6/21/09 9:34 PM # Posted By Vince Bonfanti

Is this a "CFML" conference or an "Adobe ColdFusion" conference? Would you be interested in having speakers or sponsorship from Railo, OpenBD, or New Atlanta (BD.NET)?

I went to grad school at NC State (Computer Engineering) and both my daughters were born at Rex Hospital before I moved to Atlanta in 1988, so it would be pretty cool to have an excuse to visit Raleigh again.

6/21/09 9:38 PM # Posted By Dan Skaggs

That weekend works fine for my schedule. I'll volunteer to present, assist with someone else's session(s), assist with conference prep or all three. As far as the second day goes, my vote would be more CF sessions.

6/21/09 9:50 PM # Posted By Brian Rinaldi

Funny, one of my proposed dates for my Flex/CF Boston event was the 16th (other was 30th). If I go with the 16th we may compete a little on speakers though not likely on attendees.

6/21/09 10:25 PM # Posted By Brian FitzGerald

Those dates work for me. My vote would be to have a second day of CFML content and skip the beginner Flex stuff.

Since I noticed Vince's comment, I would also vote to include CFML content from alternative engines such as Railo and OpenBD.


6/21/09 10:30 PM # Posted By Matt Williams

I can go for these dates also. I'd vote for more CF on day 2, maybe some hands-on workshop type stuff (frameworks, setting up a dev environment, etc.). Although I may have to opt for just a one day trip and save the hotel cost.

6/21/09 10:34 PM # Posted By Bob Silverberg

New dates are cool. I'll attend both days, offering to speak on a CF related topic. I _would_ be interested in the intro Flex stuff on the 18th.

6/21/09 11:31 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson


Thanks for your interest in the NC conference. I didn't know you had history here in the Triangle!

We aren't ruling out any sponsorships nor speakers. We want to make sure we have a cost effective, informative conference for our attendees and that could really define the conference in a number of ways.

I can say that we won't have a Vendor/Sponsor alley, which I suppose is the norm for sponsored events. I can also say we'll select sessions/speakers that offer an informative, timely topic for our audience. Presentations on specific products (Railo, OpenBD, BlueDragon) are probably best for larger conferences offering more choice.

We aren't, however, ruling out speakers or sponsors, just content. Feel free to submit your preferred talks and we'll work through what makes sense for the audience.


6/22/09 12:16 AM # Posted By Vince Bonfanti

Hi Dan,

There are several talks I'd be interested in presenting:

1. Integrating CFML and ASP.NET (this would be a BD.NET-specific talk).
2. Deploying CFML on IIS7 (this would cover CF8, BD JX, and BD.NET).
3. Deploying CFML on Google App Engine (this would be an OpenBD-specific talk).

Let me know if any of those are of interest.

6/22/09 12:51 AM # Posted By Byron Raines

Those dates work for me. I'd be for a Beginners Flex hands-on training. I'd also like to see something on Frameworks, maybe a certain MG3 framework????

6/22/09 7:49 AM # Posted By Sean Corfield

Good to see the date change to avoid BFusion/BFlex - thanx!

As I offered before, if I can get a reasonable airfare, I'm happy to present if you'd like, on something framework-related (since it sounds like there's quite a bit of interest).

6/22/09 9:06 AM # Posted By Asif Rashid

New dates are OK with me. As far flex training, I would like to see more ColdFusion then basics of flex. How about next day is for ColdFusion frameworks and open source options? Or divide these days into basics and advance topics. This way people who are interested in advance topics and would like to have their trip shorter, could get full benefit of this conference. Anyway let me know if you need any help with setup or presentation?

Keep it up good work,


6/22/09 7:30 PM # Posted By Sandy Peterson

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6/22/09 9:34 PM # Posted By John Hodorowicz

- New dates work out fine.
- Interested in both CF and Flex sessions.
- I am interested in CF sessions in context to working w/ Flex / AIR apps, which might be covered in the Flex / AIR beginner sessions.

6/23/09 1:03 AM # Posted By alex

yep on dates, yep on CF + Flex

6/24/09 12:07 AM # Posted By Derek

I am up for those dates. I am not really into Flex so would rather see something else. More advanced CF would be good. CF Builder may be out by then too, something else to talk about. BTW, I live in Greensboro, so not a far drive.


6/24/09 8:32 PM # Posted By Night Club

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6/24/09 9:45 PM # Posted By Matthew Williams

I think I could make those dates as well. Do you have a pricing schedule at all? If I can get this paid for before 9/30, my employer should pick up the tab. After that date is a crapshoot though. I'd be interested in the hands on Flex dev stuff, over CFML frameworks hands on (I'm biased... I picked my framework poison long ago and have no need to switch). Where were ya'll thinking of having this? More toward the Raleigh area?

6/25/09 12:25 AM # Posted By Leslie Carpenter

Suggested dates are good and far enough in advance that we should be able to schedule for them. I'd like to see beginning Flex as suggested, or perhaps options for both basic and advanced CFML and Flex. Thanks for spearheading this new opportunity.

6/25/09 7:58 AM # Posted By Roger Austin

The dates are far enough ahead that I can plan for it.

6/26/09 12:08 AM # Posted By Dawn

those dates work fine
yes to attending the Flex training, but fine with other CF training as well

6/30/09 6:35 PM # Posted By Nabil Elias

I'd like to see hands-on workshop type
for framework and setting up a dev environment.

7/8/09 2:49 PM # Posted By Kazelneq

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7/14/09 1:59 AM # Posted By Belinda Weinbrecht

This is good news!
Both of those dates work for my team.
We prefer more ColdFusion than Flex.

7/24/09 8:57 AM # Posted By cf

-Dates are great.
-Interested in CF and FLEX on both days.
-Looking forward to it!

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