Need Feedback on Proposed Date for NC ColdFusion Conference

North Carolina Conference?

Hi Folks, we've been working pretty hard to line up a good ColdFusion conference for North Carolina and the surrounding areas. The original idea was to have a 1 day conference with 6 sessions and a lunch. All this for 50$.

Tell me more...

Thanks to some generous sponsors, we may even be able to drop the price a little, offer a conference T-Shirt and let the State employees attend for free, since they work so hard to keep this state going.

Where/When would the conference be held?

We propose to hold the conference in Raleigh, North Carolina on Oct 24th. We'd like to get an idea of the number of attendees and the number of interested speakers for this date/location combination.

If you are interested, please leave a comment below and let us know whether you are interested in any of the following:

  • State Employee
  • Attendee
  • Speaker

Thanks for reading and thanks to all the people who have helped us get this far in planning. We appreciate the support!

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6/17/09 11:55 PM # Posted By Bucky Schwarz

Have already been volunteered by you to be a speaker.

6/17/09 11:57 PM # Posted By Bob Silverberg

I would definitely attend, and would be happy to speak, if you'd have me.

6/18/09 12:00 AM # Posted By Critter

I'd be interested in speaking.. or attending..

no opinion on state employees :P

6/18/09 12:07 AM # Posted By Anant Pradhan

Definitely attending.

6/18/09 12:09 AM # Posted By Mike

I'll be there as an Attendee

6/18/09 12:12 AM # Posted By John Hodorowicz

Sign me up; attending.

6/18/09 12:21 AM # Posted By Matt Williams

Hopefully attending. Possibly could get some more from the Charlotte User Group.

6/18/09 12:22 AM # Posted By Zach Loch

Can attend and/or speak - I am a state employee. I'll probably have at least 3 other state employees coming with me.

6/18/09 12:27 AM # Posted By Sean Corfield

I heard a rumor that BFusion/BFlex '09 is that weekend...

6/18/09 12:28 AM # Posted By Brooks Folk

Any ideas on what topics will be covered?

6/18/09 12:42 AM # Posted By Ellen

I would like to attend.

6/18/09 12:42 AM # Posted By Dan Senn

I've posted a thread to the Adobe Charlotte Users group.

6/18/09 12:43 AM # Posted By Eric Cobb

I would be interested in attending.

6/18/09 12:48 AM # Posted By Scott Stewart

I'm looking forward to it.. may be able to
shake out some DC area developers also.

6/18/09 12:49 AM # Posted By Brian FitzGerald

I will attend this.

6/18/09 1:00 AM # Posted By Sean Corfield

I dug up some info about BFusion/BFlex - it's planned for Oct 24-25.

If you don't conflict with that and I can get a decent air fare, I'd be up for speaking at the NC gig :)

6/18/09 1:39 AM # Posted By Mike Brunt

I would definitely interested in presenting if you feel I have valuable material. The date is fine by me.

6/18/09 1:50 AM # Posted By Bryan Clover

I'd likely go. As long as I don't have a project deadline looming then.

6/18/09 1:53 AM # Posted By David Henry

I will attend. I would be happy to speak.

6/18/09 2:03 AM # Posted By alex

state employee interested in attending

6/18/09 2:06 AM # Posted By Matthew Darby

My schedule is actually free on that date!! I will be up for attending and helping when and where I can.

6/18/09 2:16 AM # Posted By Qasim Rasheed

I will surely attend and will be willing to speak if chosen.

6/18/09 2:54 AM # Posted By Byron Raines

State employees would be a nice touch. I think it would get our universities a little more involved.

6/18/09 4:42 AM # Posted By Scott P

I actually might be interested (unless Arkansas folks aren't allowed) - depends on what happens with cfunited.

6/18/09 5:01 AM # Posted By Jay Scroggins

Part of Charlotte user group - would definitely attend.

6/18/09 8:06 AM # Posted By Steve Bryant

My wife and I lived in NC for three years and loved it.

Depending on what my schedule looks at the time, I would love an excuse to see the area again!

I would love to present as well, if you have a slot open.

6/18/09 8:17 PM # Posted By Paul Cormier

I'd attend. Also, as a 13 year ColdFusion veteran, I can speak and present on many different topics. Lately, my focus has been designing for usability, which might make for a nice complimentary topic from all the bits and functions talks.

6/18/09 10:33 PM # Posted By Sarah Kelly

Sounds great! would almost certainly attend. Virginia state employee:-) but $50 is super.

6/19/09 12:26 AM # Posted By Ben Nadel

I'm down like a clown for attending!

6/19/09 7:25 AM # Posted By Asif Rashid

I will definitely attaining this.

6/22/09 7:33 PM # Posted By Lynn Ebanks

Barring anything unforeseen, I will most definitely attend!

6/30/09 12:42 AM # Posted By Bilal

Let's give this a try.
Worked with coldfusion since version 1.5.

Always good to mingle so would attend, be glad to assist in any speaking as well.

7/8/09 7:28 AM # Posted By Night Club

I always look forward to your new posts, I learn more compared to school. Always looking forward. Thank you.

7/8/09 7:29 AM # Posted By Advertising Agencies

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7/12/09 8:24 PM # Posted By robert

Where in Raleigh?

11/27/09 5:57 AM # Posted By Mike Green

that must have been great at that conference! I'm new in ColdFusion, so it probably wouldn't be much use attending it for me. I still prefer self-education, download different books and tutorials by torrent search engine and attend different blogs where it is discussed. hope that someday I'll be in form to attend any conference of the kind;)

3/9/10 11:31 PM # Posted By George

Damn i missed it, im looking forward to this years conference though. I saw the dates and schedule.

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