ColdFusion Is The Most Elegant Expression Of Business Solutions

I was emailing back and forth with a very smart group of people this morning and had a thought that seemed worth repeating. ColdFusion is the most elegant language to express business solutions.

Need charts for your dashboard? No problem.

Want to export a report to PDF? No problem.

Want to intake data via PDF forms and generate Presentations with the data? No problem.

Want to write a Flex application that adds meetings to Microsoft Exchange servers? No problem.

The list goes on and on and on and on and on.

ColdFusion is often lumped in with PHP and other general web scripting languages, and it can certainly fit there. However, the ColdFusion team over the years has worked very hard to put useful, relevant functionality for business applications. As a result, ColdFusion is the most elegant expression of business solutions on the market today!

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5/6/09 6:00 PM # Posted By Lance

Well said.

5/6/09 6:39 PM # Posted By Randy

Coldfusion has made me the hero at work many times in the past 12 years.

5/6/09 7:46 PM # Posted By Mike Markowski

@Randy - Ditto for me.

5/6/09 7:52 PM # Posted By phill.nacelli

Well Put Dan!

On a more personal note....

Before ColdFusion, I was rejected by my family and friends. I found my self lonely in my thoughts.. after I found ColdFusion my family now calls me regularly and invite me to holiday celebrations, I have tons of friends, a wife and a baby on the way. And I find myself enjoying coding, sometimes even lasting more then 4 hours past work time!!! (without having to call a Dr. off course!)

5/6/09 10:45 PM # Posted By Aaron Greenlee

Don't forget, ColdFusion is such a strong, confident language able to leverage the power of the processor in ways unimaginable by weaker languages. ColdFusion’s superiority was built into the most basic syntax. Other languages, like PHP can be so unsure of themselves. For example, PHO starts with a question mark ('<?php>'). How’s that for insecurity and low self-image!
I’ve learned from an unnamed source that the CFML Advisory Comity has recognized the confidence realized by anyone who writes in CFML syntax and has expanded the superiorty of the language for CF9. The new syntax for CF9 is as follows: <!CFKicksAss!> statement </!CFKicksAss!>
<!CFKicksAss!IF isDefined( noDans )>
Starting with an exclamation mark rather than a question mark will help presentations to management. Once they understand the difference between a confident language and an insecure language with low self image, management will buy into CF9 without question and developers will receive bonuses for understanding such a powerful language.
Keep it a secret. This information is just for you.

5/6/09 10:47 PM # Posted By Aaron Greenlee

See, PHP is so weak, it even allows itself to be called PHO in the previous post! Weakness.

5/7/09 2:39 AM # Posted By Chris Peters

Very well said. I've twice wandered into the PHP world to only come back running to ColdFusion. I also like what Randy said. The .NET and Java teams at my last job were so slow and rigid compared to what I was able to crank out with CF.

5/7/09 9:52 AM # Posted By Mike Brunt

We suffer sometimes because we feel CF is misunderstood or under-appreciated and that is true and there are a few thoughts I have about that. The only company that marketed ColdFusion robustly was Allaire but they would not have had enough marketing dollars in reality. ColdFusion is still here, despite needing to be purchased and in the face of formidable competition which seems to be free. As a company, Railo has staked the future on CFML, which however we slice and dice it came from ColdFusion. You are right Dan and the continued evolution of ColdFusion is a testament to that.

10/30/09 9:25 AM # Posted By Michael Markowski

I'm a ColdFusion dev in federal government who's been using ColdFusion for years, since CF5. Recently I created and deployed a cool new ColdFusion intranet app that integrates with Bing Maps. This app has gotten
the attention of some top-management types where I work and now half a dozen other web devs who previously ignored ColdFusion have approached me and asked me to train them on ColdFusion (which I've agreed to do). I
feel fortunate that I recognized the power and simplicity of ColdFusion a long time ago, and now I'm reaping the
benefits of having stuck with ColdFusion all of these years. ColdFusion IMHO just keeps getting better and better, and even devs who used other languages are beginning to realize the many benefits of ColdFusion
and they want in.

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