I Am An Adobe Community Expert

I'm super stoked to announce I've been nominated as an Adobe Community Expert for ColdFusion. I really appreciate the recognition from the mother ship (Adobe) and will continue to contribute for the development of the community.

As you know, the Adobe Community Experts Program is a community based program made up of Adobe customers who share their product expertise with the world-wide Adobe community. The end goal is to help reward and enable those who share and contribute to the Adobe community at large.

The Adobe Community Expert group is chock full of excellent, talented folks. I'm humbled and pleased to be counted among them. I'd like to thank my mom and dad who helped me be the person I am today. I'd like to thank my 7th grade history teacher....

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4/23/09 11:09 PM # Posted By Nathan Mische

Congratulations Dan!

4/23/09 11:14 PM # Posted By Hamad Amaral


4/23/09 11:30 PM # Posted By Sam Farmer

Congrats Dan! Well deserved.

4/24/09 12:11 AM # Posted By Simon Free

Awesome news! Welcome to the group!

4/24/09 1:09 AM # Posted By John Mason


4/24/09 1:20 AM # Posted By Ben Nadel

Awesome Dan!

4/24/09 1:53 AM # Posted By Steve Withington

Congrats Dan! You definitely deserve it.

4/24/09 7:40 AM # Posted By marc esher


The Mother Ship.... completes you....

4/24/09 8:30 AM # Posted By Asif Rashid

Congrats Dan! you the man :-)

4/24/09 8:52 AM # Posted By Akbarsait

Congrats Dan!

4/24/09 10:20 AM # Posted By Mark Mandel

...and about time too ;o)

Nice work Dan! Well done!

4/25/09 11:53 AM # Posted By Adobe cynic

Idiot! They are using you!

4/26/09 2:02 PM # Posted By Dan Tripp

Suh-weeeeet! Congratulations, that's awesome!

4/26/09 7:25 PM # Posted By Peter Bell

Hey! Congratulations - very well deserved!

4/27/09 11:59 PM # Posted By Bucky Schwarz

Congratulations Dan. You're an inspiration to all us junior developers :)

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