I Present Making Bad Code Good To The CFMeetup March 5th @ 6:00 EST

At 6:00 EST this Thursday, March 5th, I present Making Bad Code, Good to the Online ColdFusion Meetup. You can attend this presentation virtually, by visiting the Online ColdFusion Meeting Room at 6:00 EST.

If you work on a legacy application, or on code built by lots of developers over the years, you likely laugh your way through this presentation. I promise to be thought provoking and challenge the way you write code. In this session, we'll look at lots of code samples and walk through making incremental changes to speed development, reduce errors and make life easier for everyone involved.

Ideas and concepts in this presentation will help you improve your existing applications and write more maintainable code.

The recorded presentation can be watched now!

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3/5/09 6:23 PM # Posted By Patrick

Will you make the recording of the presentation available?

3/5/09 6:29 PM # Posted By Dan Wilson

The recording is available at http://experts.na3.acrobat.com/p38399329/

3/6/09 10:33 PM # Posted By Robert Bailey

Good presentation, Dan!