Where Willl The Next RIAAdventure Cruise Be?

Woo Hoo!

The inaugural RIA Adventure cruise was a smashing success. It was fun hanging out with a lively entertaining crew and getting to know each other better, all while drinking in Perfect Weather, Frosty Beverages and Island Sun.

The next cruise could be in a lot of locations, Shannon and I are voting for Alaska. We've never been to Alaska and really think the scenery is something special. So if you would like to see Alaska and hang out with some fun people while doing it, vote for Alaska on the RIA Adventure Poll.


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2/18/09 2:49 AM # Posted By Shannon

Ummmm, oops. What if one of us voted for the Mayan Riviera?

2/18/09 4:22 AM # Posted By Jim Priest

Alaska? Lets see...

Snow... check. Bears... check. Rabid moose... check. Close to Russian Zombie invaders... check. No motorcycle friendly roads... check. Deadly crab fishing... check. Volcanos... check. And did I mention it was cold?

That said I'm sure my wife would happily sell one of my kidneys to go there...

2/19/09 4:45 AM # Posted By Jason Fisher

I will say from experience that the cruise up the Inside Passage, from Vancouver to Juneau to Anchorage is worth every day. Fabulous. Very few critters, for whatever reason, but fantastic scenery and interesting history, and until you get up to almost Anchorage it's actually all temperate rain forest, so the temps don't really get below 50 F. All in all, an excellent trip! Got to do it with the wife and kids a few summers back and we loved it.

2/22/09 7:05 AM # Posted By Scott P

I've always wanted to visit Alaska but if it comes down to cold/ice versus beach/sun I'm going to lose.

On part 1, I wanted to go - my brother-in-law is going to Afghanistan soon and we had to decide on taking vacation to spend week with him before he leaves. Maybe next time.

3/31/09 5:39 AM # Posted By Dee Sadler

I didn't vote for Alaska either. I vote for anywhere warm.

6/12/09 2:50 AM # Posted By Phillip Senn

Did someone say "Alaskan cruise"?

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