How to Make CF Blog Reading Even Easier

I read a lot of technical blogs because I benefit in knowing more about the thoughts and positions of others. Whether I agree with them, or disagree, the thought process is something that helps me sharpen my technical skills.

So it is of great anticipation that a new blog, The Argument Collection, just had her maiden voyage.

Consisting of some of the more thought provoking minds on the CF landscape, this blog promises to deliver timely information on how to solve problems. Sean, Ray, Joe, Brian and Nicolas all are accomplished programmers, thinkers and have great ability to convey highly technical matters in ways that simple minds like me can grasp the concepts.

I've added The Argument Collection blog to my feed reader, you should as well.

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8/7/08 1:50 AM # Posted By Sean Corfield

Is there any reason you don't simply subscribe to That seems to have almost every CF blog and it couldn't get any easier to read CF blogs...

8/7/08 9:12 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson

I might be a bit behind the curve on this one, but I keep up with blogs through the Mozilla live bookmarks. This fits my work flow because I often have a few spare minutes during the day to scan through the headlines.

If I get pretty busy, links fall off the end of the livebookmark and I miss stuff. So for me, having all you guys on the same feed with no extra noise, is helpful.

Perhaps I was being a little selfish when I titled my post.