Free ColdFusion and Flex Training Sept 6-7 at BFusion/BFlex

I don't know what they put in the water in Bloomington, Indiana, but the people there are CRAZY. The excellent leadership over at the Bloomington Flex User Group, the Indiana University Flash User Group, and the Indiana University Multimedia User Group have put together a 2 day training/conference event on Flex and ColdFusion for free. That's right, 200 lucky people will get their skills expanded on the hottest technology powering the web today, and won't pay a dime for it.

The event organizers booked leading experts in Flex and ColdFusion to run the sessions. And when they ran out of leading experts, they send me an email asking if I'd help out. I'll present 2 CF sessions and assist in the Flex Hands On. Here are the descriptions:

Refactoring In Coldfusion - From Procedural to OO

If you would like to know how to migrate an existing procedurally programmed application into an object oriented one, grab a chair and sit for a while. We'll discuss some sensible guidelines designed to help you make incremental changes towards OO nirvana.
We'll also look at lots of code samples, we all like code samples, right?

Fun With ColdSpring

The secret ingredient to modular and maintainable OO applications in ColdFusion is the ColdSpring framework. Efficient and practical use of ColdSpring is easy. In this source code based presentation, we'll cover installation, Dependency Injection, Factories, Configuration, Dynamic Properties, Complex DI Strategies and also look at practical usage inside of production applications.

So if you can make it to Bloomington, IN, Sept 6-7, and want targeted training on Flex and ColdFusion, Sign Up for BFusion/BFlex today!

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8/18/08 1:23 PM # Posted By Bob Flynn

Hey Dan,

I just wanted to point out two things. You were not the bottom of the barrel, you were floating at the top with the cream! We are thrilled to have you come speak at BFusion!

The second thing is that we are in Bloomington, Indiana, not Illinois! We don't want everyone making their travel plans for Bloomington, IL and then find they have another 4-5 hour drive to get here!

Thanks for blogging about the event! We promise you a crazy time. We'll send home some of the water with you so you can continue to spread the CF and Flex love back in NC, or is it SC...?


8/18/08 1:26 PM # Posted By Bob Flynn

PS: You can update your "I'm speaking at..." badges. Pick one up here