Input requested for my new presentation Fun With Coldspring

I am going to be giving a presentation to The Triangle Area ColdFusion User Group entitled Fun with ColdSpring.

This is the description I am shopping around:

This month Dan Wilson presents on Fun with ColdSpring. ColdSpring is a wonderful framework used when working with CFC based applications. Using ColdSpring effectively reduces the complexity of CC based applications, saves time, makes applications easier to understand and adds a nice tool to the Rapid Development toolkit. Come see what all the fuss is about.

My plan is to show practical examples of how to use ColdSpring in OO applications. I would like some ideas on the sort of stuff I should cover.

So, if you haven't used ColdSpring before and you have questions, please leave a comment and tell me what you would like covered.

If you use ColdSpring some, and you want to know about certain features, please add them in the comments below.

If you are an expert ColdSpring user and you have something fancy that you feel should be definitely covered, please leave a comment.

ColdSpring is a wonderful framework and the topic area is quite broad. I'd like to talk about the things people are most curious about..... your input is appreciated.

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7/9/08 1:11 PM # Posted By Dan Vega

I am by no means an expert of ColdSpring. One thing new CS users ask me is how can I use dynamic variables in ColdSpring. A perfect example is datasource names, instead of hard coding the name you can pass it at runtime and refer to it as a dynamic variable. I wrote something up on this awhile ago the you can <a href=" here</a>.

7/10/08 6:02 AM # Posted By Tom Chiverton

You have to mention AOP at the very least, even if you can't cover how to use it.

7/10/08 2:27 PM # Posted By Justice

auto-generated Remote proxy's are super-sweet, would be nice to show how they appear as if by magic ;)

7/11/08 12:21 PM # Posted By Brian FitzGerald

Hey Dan, I'm going to try and make it out to this presentation. Sounds like a good one. I haven't used ColdSpring yet, though I am planning on using it for an upcoming application. For me, I've read a ton on the WHY to use ColdSpring, but I haven't seen many clear examples on the HOW of using ColdSpring. So for me, the practical "how to" approach of the entire process of plugging ColdSpring into an app would be very valuable.

7/16/08 9:14 PM # Posted By Bob Silverberg

If I were to attend I'd love to hear about AOP, including some practical examples of using it to address actual use cases. Oh, and +1 to what Dan said about dynamic variables too.

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