Happy Mike Brunt Day!

Today is a special day for Mike Brunt as this marks the day he will be sworn in as an American Citizen. Becoming a citizen is a long involved process and getting to the finish line is an achievement and a great milestone in one's life.

So a raise of the glass to Mike Brunt, my newest fellow American!

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7/11/08 4:44 PM # Posted By Daryl Banttari

Now if only we could import more people like Mike.

Congrats, Mike! (Assuming you read this)

7/11/08 4:59 PM # Posted By Mike Brunt

Daryl, should not read "deport" ;o)

Thank you so much to Dan for this surprising post and Daryl for the kind comments. It's an honor to be a citizen of the USA especially as this is the birthplace of ColdFusion.

7/11/08 5:08 PM # Posted By Sam Farmer

@Mike: Glad you could join the club.

7/11/08 5:17 PM # Posted By Peter Bell

@Mike, Congratulations!

@Daryl, you could. Just vote (along with Mike) for a government open to allowing a few more top professionals into the country. Right now it is a PITA!

7/11/08 8:14 PM # Posted By Ting

Mike Congratulations!

We should celebrate together next week, I will buy your beer.

7/11/08 8:57 PM # Posted By marc esher

Excellent... This country is better for your being a part of it! (not you, dan... Mike. :-) ).

If only more people had Mike's gentle nature and social grace.

Thanks for posting about this, Dan.

7/11/08 11:28 PM # Posted By Scott P

Congratulations Mike - an honor to have you join our land of opportunity.

7/12/08 1:13 AM # Posted By Mike Brunt

I just want to say it is an honor to be a US Citizen. There are so many caring compassionate people here and I hope one day the move toward government by the people for the people will actually happen. Having said that it has not happened anywhere else as yet.

Thanks to all of you for commenting.

7/15/08 8:24 PM # Posted By Sean Corfield

Congratulations Mike! I know what you've been through (I became a citizen in May 2005) and I wouldn't wish it on anyone!

Take solace in the fact that you now know far more about American history and government than 80% of native-born Americans :)

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