June 12 I Present Refactoring in ColdFusion to the ColdFusion Meetup

June 12th, at 6:00 PM EST, I present Refactoring in ColdFusion to the ColdFusion meetup. This presentation helps to show how to move a procedural code base from a procedural architecture to an Object Oriented Architecture. Through the presentation, we look at some procedural code and then look at an object oriented representation. By comparing and contrasting the two code samples, the audience will get a better idea how to use Object Oriented structures and how to migrate an existing code base.

I am excited to give this presentation to the ColdFusion MeetUp. I also am excited because I have some special news to share. I'll let the proverbial feline out of the proverbial containment device during the presentation.

The website for this presentation is http://coldfusion.meetup.com/17/calendar/8088894/. We begin at 6:00 EST. (http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/)

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6/12/08 2:20 PM # Posted By Ezra Parker

Hi, Dan. I unfortunately will not be able to attend your presentation today, but I wanted to offer my congratulations if your news is what I think it is...