How to migrate from one database to another

I am a fan of most all Database platforms. I have used MSSQL 7/2000/2005, IBM UDB, Oracle 8/9i/10g, MySql 4/5 and PostgreSQL 7.3/8.1 in production. When working in multiple database platforms, there inevitably comes the need to port a database from one platform to another.

Rather than spend my days mapping and transforming a database schema, I use SQL Script Builder. SQL Script Builder is a tool that generates SQL scripts of a database and the data for 5 officially supported platforms:

  • MySql
  • MS SQL
  • Oracle
  • Pervasive
  • PostgreSQL

The last time I blogged about this tool it lacked proper key management. Newer versions have support for:

  • Better importation of primary keys has been added.
  • Faster performance
  • CSV and XML export formats added
  • Better management of Foreign Keys

What I continually love about this program is the excellent support. I had a small issue with the way primary keys from MSAccess were treated in generated scripts under certain conditions. I reported the issue to Dave and his crew. The issue was found, fixed and a new version uploaded to the website in a matter of a few hours. If only all Software Support was that good.

An evaluation version is free, paid version is 20$. No matter how you slice it, this program saves time and provides good value for the money. Check it out at SQL Script Builder

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5/27/08 10:31 PM # Posted By Bob Silverberg

Thanks for the tip, Dan. I've been using
AdeptSQL Diff ( to compare schemas and migrate data between MS SQL databases, but I'll definitely take a look at this product.

6/3/09 3:34 PM # Posted By Martin

Using ESF Database Migration Toolkit( )

A toolkit migrates data across various database/file systems. Supporting Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-Access, MS-Excel, Firebird, CSV and so on.

8/11/10 10:57 PM # Posted By Kumar

Hi, I want to move oracle 9i databse servers running on different platforms to Oracle 10g. Can you please let me know the 'storage migration' steps to do the same?

11/17/10 6:57 PM # Posted By JB

To move data from one database to another (regardless of their type or location), you can use a tool called Data Moving Tool ( It's micro ETL that does exactly what you need.

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