Happy Skip Krenek Day

This probably isn't news to most of my readers, but in case you missed it, April 25th is Skip Krenek Day. While a special day isn't enough to pay tribute to such an excellent person, It is important to tip the virtual hat to Skip for all he has contributed to our society. I appreciate the many who have worked hard behind the scenes to make this particular Skip Krenek Day special.

Here's to Skip and to his many years of continual success!

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4/25/08 3:26 PM # Posted By Buser (aka Meathooks)

I am so excited that today is officially Skip Krenek day. what better way to kick off this annual celebration with nothing other than a surprise call from the man himself asking about having lunch. If I had a job lined up I would have offered to buy him lunch. Hopefully my presence and also riveting conversation was enough to please Skip and let him understand my appreciation for him.

Skip, I love you and will the sun always shine on your face. (Not like it does on mine because I always have a better tan than you)

4/25/08 3:26 PM # Posted By Jamie Jackson

Skip really helped me out in a time of need. When I look back at that point in my life, I only see one set of footprints--Skip's.

Thanks, Skip, I'll never forget it.

4/25/08 3:27 PM # Posted By dave

Skip's the man! I have never met a more radical dude, who knows how to get radically radical.

When he is not busy saving the world he is working on newer more radical ways to get radically radilicious.

4/25/08 3:28 PM # Posted By Rama

I am very glad that you posted this on your blog. Skip Krenek Day!!.

4/25/08 3:29 PM # Posted By Buser (aka Meathooks)

Radilicious. Is that in the same category as Fergilicious? What about Krenhammerilicious?

4/25/08 3:32 PM # Posted By Chris Phillips

If this weren't Skip Krenek day, I probably wouldn't even bother typing what I see in this stupid Captcha image. But, since it is for a man of such great character and worthiness, I will.

Furthermore, I'd like to add my generous good wishes to Skip and his kin. God bless and good fortune Skip! The world is better for having your "radicalness" in it.

4/25/08 3:32 PM # Posted By Ms. Scarlett

I know I speak for all those working behind the scenes that this really has been a labor of love. To see it finally come to fruition, and know that Skip's story will be shared with the world is gratifying; but not nearly so as gratifying as being fortunate enough to know firsthand the tremendous being that is Skip!

4/25/08 3:32 PM # Posted By Jim Priest

I had a difficult time falling asleep last night just knowing that tomorrow (TODAY!) would be Skip Krenek Day!

4/25/08 3:34 PM # Posted By Baz

Albert Einstein, Alexander Fleming, Mahatma Ghandi, Skip Krenek - these are the people who have defined our lives and changed the world. Cheers to you Skip! You are certainly loved and admired by all.

4/25/08 3:34 PM # Posted By Peter

Im just glad someone has taken a stand and honored skip as he truly deserved. Happy Skip Krenek Day everyone . . .

4/25/08 3:36 PM # Posted By JonnyB

One of the proverbial legends of the 21st century… Time and time again Skip pushes the boundaries in all aspects of his life. A great leader who teaches by example and leads by courage, Skip inspires one to be the best they can be. Though he never climbed Mt Everest...he did read about it. Though he did not start Walmart...he read about that too. Skip will one day build the empire and lead the troops he was born to. Just as the great Scipio Africanus Major ( who Skip was no doubt named after ) defeated Hannibal of Carthage, Skip will one day not only find…but win his battle. And I’m hoping for a movie…since I don’t read many books!

Thank you Skipio Ponte Vedras Major…we love you man!!

4/25/08 3:49 PM # Posted By Anonymous

I, for one, plan on skipping Skip Krenek day. sorry Skip...

4/25/08 3:55 PM # Posted By Rick Havoc

Skip once saved my life, virtually, it was a Halo match many years ago and he jumped on a grenade.
So here is to Skip my hero.

4/25/08 4:25 PM # Posted By KORBs

Happy SKD!!!

Seems more like Fantasy than a Dream World...

But anyone who knows "The Magical One" understands that this is entirely possible in any alternate universe.

I wish to honor this truly UNIQUE individual who for a short time as a co-worker of mine endured alot
while mentoring me but still managed to teach me a great deal.

Anyone who questions this honorariam, picture this "Great Moment in History"...

It's 5:00, time to end the working day. What's that commotion I hear coming from the bosses
("MeatHooks") office? It's the daily "Game-O-Craps" with Skip rollin' the bones!!! PRICELESS!!!

Skip is also know for his Grand Insight to life. Who will ever forget these famous quotations!!!

While talking to one of his customers,

Skip announced: "TRUST ME, I’m a professional!!!"

When the conversation would get too technical and complex he would exclaim:

We are having a cursory discussion about ancillary topics...

and finally...

When discussions of acronyms surfaced using DINKS (Duel Income No Kids), he proudly muttered:

"I’m a SIMW... Single Income Mooching Wife!!!"

CONGRATS to a Great Amercan Icon!!!!


4/25/08 4:36 PM # Posted By Jesus Menedez

Yo siempre será un honor servir a la más rápida a blurt chico de su orden.

Cha Cha entrega del chip chico.

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