Looking for the best MySQL IDE on the market

I've been doing a lot of work with MySQL lately. A lot more than I ever have. As a normal fan of open source software, I am pleased to have such a feature rich database at my disposal. I do have one small problem that bothers me, however...

The various IDEs I have tried are really far behind the mark. I do not feel as productive when working on MySQL as I do when working on MSSQL. Rarely do I heap praise on Microsoft, but man do they know how to design and deliver an IDE.

To start off with, I tried the MySQL administration tool. I found it very clunky and upsetting to work with. I then found SQLyog, which is a lot more refined, but isn't quite there yet. I like how fast the editor performs but there are still moments with SQLYog confuses me. Favorite past times we share include obfuscating the values of Bit Columns in the Table Data Tab and Randomly Deleting Views.

Thusly, I am on the lookout for a top quality MySQL database administration tool. If you know of something applicable that you like to use, please share it with me in comments below. I run both Windows and Mac computers so only products with solutions for both platforms will be considered.

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3/28/08 2:57 PM # Posted By Scott Fitchet

As of 6 months ago the best IDE for both MySQL and PostgreSQL was EMS SQL Manager.


The free version is great. If you do any regular DB administration though the full version is worth the small expense.

3/28/08 3:03 PM # Posted By joshua cyr

I also like the EMS tools. Work great for me.

3/28/08 3:26 PM # Posted By david buhler

EMS is beyond kick-ass.

3/28/08 3:31 PM # Posted By Raul Riera

Navicat no questions asked.

3/28/08 3:52 PM # Posted By Kevin Sargent

Free: HeidiSQL http://www.heidisql.com/

I love it.

3/28/08 3:53 PM # Posted By Akeem

Navicat is pretty good

3/28/08 4:21 PM # Posted By David Farr

Toad for mysql is worth investigating

3/28/08 4:30 PM # Posted By Jeff

Navicat is the best but it costs $$ that is not a one time license. Of the free apps, I've found HeidiSQL to be best.

3/28/08 4:40 PM # Posted By Nathan Mische

You may look at Aqua Data Studio if you need it for Mac and Windows.

3/28/08 4:57 PM # Posted By Eric

Aqua Data Studio for both Win, Linux and Mac that can touch both MSSQL and MySQL (and others)

if you want MySQL specifc, Navicat is the best and runs Win and Mac.

3/28/08 7:24 PM # Posted By Damon Gentry

Yet another vote for Navicat. They recently began offering a free edition. Fewer features, but good enough for about 95% of your day to day work.

3/28/08 7:55 PM # Posted By dave

add another for navicat.. well worth the $$

3/28/08 8:30 PM # Posted By Anthony Webb

Having used most of them, and originally a navicat user, I can tell you, hands down, that NOTHING compares to SQLYOG for mySql work!!!

I am actually shocked that no one has mentioned it yet.

3/28/08 11:42 PM # Posted By Rick Mason

I use Navicat at work and SQLYog at home.
They both have their strengths and weaknesses. I
I think SQLYog is better but neither of them
is at the level of Microsoft's IDE.

3/29/08 2:25 AM # Posted By Dave Ross

Navicat - not because it's a decent DB IDE but because it backs up InnoDB tables like nothing else. mysqldump stopped being reliable for us - that's when we tried Navicat and haven't looked back.

3/29/08 5:34 AM # Posted By Anuj Gakhar

I use Navicat as well , it works pretty well, never had any problems and would definitely recommend it...

3/29/08 3:10 PM # Posted By Alfio Raymond

I highly recommend Navicat. I use it for mac and windows and it works great and never any problems.

3/31/08 9:54 AM # Posted By Dana K

like Eric said Aqua Data Studio is pretty good if you're crossing over a lot.

I'll have to check out Navicat, haven't used it yet. Thanks for all the recommendations for it! I love new software!!

3/31/08 11:27 AM # Posted By Terry Schmitt

Hands-down, my favorite tool for building queries is Aquadata Studio. I like using one IDE for various database platforms. I also like that you can review all SQL code before it executes. I find that handy for building upgrade packages.
I use a second app for general MySQL admin work, DBTools Manager, but it's a .NET app so probably won't work for you.

4/23/08 8:00 AM # Posted By Dan O'Keefe


Curious what you have tried and like - also wondering if any of these have an Eclipse perspective.


6/2/08 11:25 AM # Posted By ronald

Hey guys, sqlyog runs fairly well with all Windows version (98SE to Vista) and also on Linux with WINE and is worth. You know one thing sqlyog offers fantastic free community edition but navicat does not. then why navicat? Even its too fast when compared to old versions and stable also. i am finding best out of it. Just try once and get the difference.

7/2/11 5:31 AM # Posted By sakuki

thumbs up for HeidiSql

9/15/13 12:58 AM # Posted By andru

Not so far I have found new cool tool to work with mySQL - Valentina Studio. Its free edition can do things more than many commercial tools!!
I very recommend check it. http://www.valentina-db.com/en/valentina-studio-ov...

6/15/15 8:07 AM # Posted By Alex

dbForge Studio is the best as for me: https://www.devart.com/dbforge/mysql/studio/

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