Don't have a blog? Have something to say? Read This!

The ColdFusion community is full of intelligent developers who have experience on interesting areas of ColdFusion development. Many developers have blogs and share their experiences. Some do not have blogs because of the hassle in setting up a blog. You gotta get the design just right, figure out the right host for your budget, evaluate blog software, who has the time, right? Just because you are busy, doesn't mean you have nothing to say.

If that is you...

You are invited to share at is a place where you can share your experiences, opinions, news and tutorials with the masses.

Here is what you can do...

Writing for is easy. Simply log in with your account (OpenID also accepted), click Post Content, Choose Story and write your article. Once you submit your article, it will be editorially reviewed by one of the Zone Leaders. Once complete, your article will be available for viewing.

Here is how we all win...

We all learn tips and tricks from community articles. If you want to contribute to your community and have been putting it off for the reasons mentioned above, I invite you to share at You get the recognition you deserve, we gain from your experiences.

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