How I Cured My Back Pain

As I've gotten older, and gotten into the habit of working more hours, I'd become somewhat used to a pain in my back. This specific pain, inflammation rather, was located just under my right shoulder blade and would surface around mid-day. As I normally work 10-12 hours a day, the back pain impacted my ability to focus and to enjoy my work fully. I ended up casting a naughty glance at my office chair (Office Depot 79$ special), thinking it could possibly be contributing to the problem. After poking around at the Herman Miller Aeron chairs, I couldn't bring myself to spend over $1,000 for a chair that might or might not help me out.

After even more research, I found a chair called Ergohuman ME7ERG Mesh High Back Chair. Since it was half the price of the Aeron and was listed on a site claiming to have "Chairs professionally selected by certified Ergonomists", I simply had to have one.

And what did you think about it?

To be blunt, this chair cleared up my back problems. Within less than a week of having it, I had less pain, better focus and was more comfortable working than I had ever been. Quite possibly, the $500 I spent has delivered the most bang for the buck of ANYTHING I have in my home office.

Where did you by it?

I bought this chair from, mostly because they had an eBay special for $500 with free shipping. They offer similar deals on their website right now, so don't worry about searching around.

How long did it take to receive?

The chair showed up in a few days. Considering how large the package is, and the Free shipping, I thought it would take much longer.

How was the Installation?

Putting the chair together took me about 15 minutes. All the necessary tools were provided in the package for me. They even included some extra screws, which I kept.

How was the Quality?

This chair is seriously built. Some chairs are cheap plastic and will wear out soon. The Ergohuman ME7ERG is built with a heavy steel base and composite frame. I've used this chair every day for a year now and there is no sign of wear. It is very comfortable and adjusts in a number of manners for the best fit.

Seriously? No Back Pain?

I have not had a recurrence of the back pain at all since I've been working in this chair. Even when working in lengthy spurts of 60-80 hours, no back pain.

How much money do you get from selling these chairs?

I don't make a single nickel from selling these chairs. Frankly, at DataCurl, we do just fine providing high-quality consulting and applications to the Health and Wellness industry that we don't need to shill chairs for pennies. You don't see any ads on this blog do you?

In closing, if you have back pain from working at a computer all day long, you owe it to yourself to invest in a proper chair. Most people have vehicles that cost between $10-50k which are driven less than an hour a day. A quality work chair is used between 6-12 hours a day, so it is worth the extra money to get a quality chair designed around human beings. If you want one of these chairs, go check out Ergonomic Chair Pro and get one today.

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12/5/08 8:36 AM # Posted By Jim Priest

Great post! I 100% agree a good chair is an often overlooked essential for a programmer. My wife used to work in a furniture store and while she was there I bought a Steelcase chair with her discount - that was 10 years ago and I still have the chair. $500-1000 sounds like a lot to spend for a chair but broken down over 10 years - it's not that much.

12/5/08 8:46 AM # Posted By Steve Bryant


Thanks for the post. I have been using one of those $80 chairs for some time now. I have been seriously considering an upgrade, but I was unsure what to buy and whether or not it would be worth it, so this post is really helpful for me.

12/5/08 8:58 AM # Posted By Ben Nadel

Dan, that is badass! Cool looking chair too. I'm glad that it got rid of your back pain - chronic pain sucks.

12/5/08 11:08 AM # Posted By Peter Bell

+1 for sure. I got a second hand Aeron years ago and still use it whenever I manage to get back to my office in NYC :-) It was also about $500 and was also the best money I've ever spent.

Dan - glad your back's feeling better!

Steve, go for it :-)

Ben, If only a chair could cure wrist pain . . .

12/5/08 4:12 PM # Posted By Richard Lodge

Thanks for posting a positive review of this ergonomic chair. I suffered back pain in the 90's in
a long desk-hours situation: wish I'd had something like this then! I will be pleased to pass on the makers URL to my readers.

12/5/08 5:30 PM # Posted By Brian Hull

Dan, thanks for the kind words and I'm glad to hear your chair has been so beneficial. I am a web developer for Ergonomic Chair Pro and was recently pointed to your website by another customer who had found us through your blog. I'm happy to see our website was helpful in your decision, and even more happy to see our customers so thrilled with our products that they tell their friends.

12/5/08 7:14 PM # Posted By Dave

hey everyone.

whilst working in recruitment i bought myself one of these chairs. my back pain was stupidly uncomfortable. It made all the difference. I would recommend this to anyone reading this blog. He knows what he's talking about.

I used to have really bad back problems and was considering surgery. A good chair + some self help go a long way. If you wanna hear my story then go to:
<a href="URL" title="Solve your back pain." description="This is how I manage to over come my back problems">how i solved my back problems</a>

12/5/08 8:05 PM # Posted By Gus

The way people determine value is a funny thing. Alot of people thought I was crazy to spend 1000 on an office chair 12 years ago. I spend 8 - 12 hours/day in the thing, and it has served me well. I'm 51 with no back/neck pains.

Same thing with a mattress. You spend alot of time on the thing... pony up for a great one!

In the same time I've had my super expensive desk chair, I've spent more than 10 times as much on eating out!

12/6/08 12:54 PM # Posted By Scott P

thanks dan - I still haven't found the chair I'm looking for.... maybe this is the one.

12/7/08 6:30 PM # Posted By Jeffry Houser

I'm surprised at the claim an Aeron would cost >$1K. Granted it has been a while since I bought one, but I didn't spend too much more than you did for Ergohuman.

I love the chair; but still feel lacking i the "ergonomic" department. Anyone have any good suggestions / resources on setting up an ergonomic workspace? How about finding an ergonomic expert to come to my place to do an evaluation of my work area?

BTW; I think this is the link Dave meant to post:

5/12/09 11:25 AM # Posted By Ergonomic Chairs

Thanks Dan for the post. I too had backaches sitting for hours then I thought of getting a good ergonomic chair. I was surfing on the net & came across this site & I got it quickly from the company, installed it and am very happy with my choice and the responsive folks at Bodybilt.

9/9/09 6:33 AM # Posted By Xscad

Our business involves architectural visualization and designs for buldings. Predictably, it also involves rounds and rounds of meetings and conferences for the final product to emerge. We cannot control the client's purchase policy, but we find it good business sense for the backs of our executives and their general well-being and enthusiasm to invest in ergonomic chairs. We think its money well invested

9/29/09 7:28 AM # Posted By ebusinessuk

I think anyone who mass produces ergonomic chairs a la Henry Ford, would do a great favour to all the backs of office-goers of the world.

9/29/09 7:31 AM # Posted By Space Coast

Ergonomic chairs must be the norm rather than the exception in all offices everywhere. It must be a fundamental right of every executive.

10/20/09 8:45 AM # Posted By Sadekya

The benefits of these chairs cannot be over-emphasized, but till they become economical, most corporates will not mass-order them for their executives.

11/25/09 1:01 AM # Posted By back pain

back pain can definitely cured by yoga

1/27/10 5:25 AM # Posted By Thecuttingteam

Why must all the good things of life be so dear? Its not fair.

1/31/10 3:37 AM # Posted By Hajj Packages

How I wish these chairs could be more economical. I too suffer from back pains ( though mild ones ) but I guess these are so over priced
that it becomes difficult to afford them.

3/11/10 7:18 AM # Posted By Energy Star

These chairs are the Rolls Royce among chairs. They are bound to be dear.

4/6/10 8:52 AM # Posted By Agriculture

Considering the clear cut advantage these chairs can give to its users, should not there be a proliferation of them and at an affordable price?

4/6/10 9:48 AM # Posted By Dan Wilson

I believe $500 is a fair price for something I spend 30-50% of my day in. I spend more time in my chair than I do my car, and I certainly paid more than $500 for my car.


4/11/10 8:31 AM # Posted By Myrtle Beach

Once you consider the prohibitive nature of medical costs, the chair will appear rather economical.

5/21/10 8:18 AM # Posted By MBA Pune

These chairs could be the norm rather than the exception if only they were less dear.

10/18/10 5:58 AM # Posted By Sadekya Foundations

An Ergonomic chair is certainly cheaper than the back from a spinal cord.

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