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I've been working on The Health Challenge over the last month and ran into a usability issue using my CFChart implementation. Apparently with enough data points, the labels would all jam into each other and become an unreadable mess. Have a look...

CFChart is actually a wrapped up implementation of WebCharts 3D, a full featured charting engine. ColdFusion ships with a Chart Stylizer that adds significant functionality to the generated charts. I've been using this Chart Stylizer for years now. However, I couldn't find an option to help me out with this X Axis Traffic Jam. Through a bit of google magic, I ended up on a blog I'd not seen before called CFSearching which addressed this issue for the Y Axis and after digging around the stylizer, I found a similar option for the X Axis.

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Problem solved! See:

CFSearching has a number of very nicely written articles about CFChart, iText, Coldfusion and other important topics. For example, have you ever wanted to Create a Gantt Chart with CFChart or what about Calling ColdFusion functions from PDFPageEvents in iText? There are some very good articles up at CFSearching, go take a look!

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As a result, an increasing number of "young people" add to the network of writers on the camp.