Beowulf in 3D

Shannon and I watched Beowulf in 3D at the local Raleigh Imax theatre. I henceforth proclaim (Using Beowulf Accent) that all movies shall be in 3D.

I have no idea what Beowulf would look like on a conventional movie theater screen. I can only imagine it to be dull and lifeless compared to the visually stimulating and realistic portrayal watched by us.

Sure the screen is 50 foot tall. Sure the sound setup is amazing. The movie was in 3D guys! 3D!

From the golden droplets drizzling off the flesh of Grendel's Mother, to the stones launched into the audience, the visual effects were realistic and engaging. I felt like I was firsthand in the action. I enjoyed the full experience of this movie environment.

The ticket price was only 1.50 higher than the normal theater ticket price. The experience was beyond comparison. I will certainly be checking the Imax listings for other 3D movies and will watch 3D to the exclusion of all else.

If it were sanctioned in North Carolina, I would marry 3D.

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1/21/08 4:00 PM # Posted By Matthew Williams

The missus and I saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix at (what is now) marbles. They did the last 30 minutes or so in 3D. I noticed that my eyes just don't focus well enough anymore to do 3D. At least, not without corrective lenses. Darn genetics.

1/21/08 4:30 PM # Posted By Christopher Wigginton

Beowulf 3D was the best 3D movie I've seen to date. No blurring, excellent registration. [ RealD] has some great stuff coming down the line based on the trailers they showed. You can't even compare the quality of RealD to the early 3D movie craze of the 50's or the slight resurgence during the 80's. RealD's polarization is excellent and the quality of their glasses superb. It would be nice to have realD redo some of the earlier movies such as Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone (a 1983 3D movie starring Peter Strauss, Michael Ironside, and Molly Ringwald) or even the 1954 "Creature from the Black Lagoon".

The only bummer is that when they finally release Beowulf on DVD, there isn't a home (make that inexpensive) realD projection system and they'll probably resort to a cheap anaglyph rendition.

11/10/08 4:32 PM # Posted By sohbet

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