Are you using ColdFusion with Java? I'd like to interview you.

There exists untold billions of lines of Server Side Java code running in production environments today. Java is a fine language, widely adopted and used by companies both large and small. One of the drawbacks in Java development is that Java is not a rapid development environment. Adding functionality, screens and new applications on top of an existing Java based SOA requires manpower and time.

ColdFusion is built on J2EE underpinnings. The deep Java heritage offers tremendous power and functionality. ColdFusion objects are Java objects. A ColdFusion Array is actually an instance of java.util.Vector thus you can run Vector methods directly on a ColdFusion array. It is just that simple. ColdFusion can easily create or consume SOAP webservices. ColdFusion can knit together disparate subsystems to make a unified SOA. All without fundamentally changing platforms or languages.

The advantages ColdFusion offers are tremendous. As a language, ColdFusion is a case-insensitive, loosly typed dynamic language with modern features. As a platform, ColdFusion can run inside of your J2EE container and be deployed as an EAR, or WAR. As a framework, ColdFusion offers dynamic functionality coupled with Image manipulation (by the people who make Photoshop, nonetheless), RIA, Charting, Integration, Reporting and other libraries/frameworks to rapidly bring an application to life.

Many companies are successful in meeting the rapidly changing needs of business by putting ColdFusion on top of their Java based Infrastructure. I am working on gathering material for a special technology piece highlighting the benefits of using ColdFusion in this way. If you are using ColdFusion to leverage existing Java subsystems, I would like to interview you.

If you have something to say on the matter, please either leave a comment below, or use the 'contact me' form on the top right hand side of this page indicating you would like to be interviewed. If you prefer to remain anonymously, that is fine. If you would like personal credit, that is also fine. The choice is yours, I just wanna hear your story.

I look forward to talking with you.

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1/21/08 3:50 PM # Posted By Bruce

My company uses a very large ColdFusion application that uses the Java Daisy text extraction libraries. This application was initially built by Dave Ross and others. Dave has used ColdFusion with Java on other applications, so he might be a very good person to talk with.

1/21/08 4:20 PM # Posted By Mark Mandel


Let me know what I can do to help.

I have several examples of both custom, and pre-built Java integrations that I have done with CF.

Be more than happy to talk about them.

1/24/08 3:38 AM # Posted By Dmitry

We have a lot of CF developers using our custom JSP tags:
Interesting, that this community is only growing last year or two. Java components being actually requested (and deployed) by CF programmers.

1/29/08 9:05 PM # Posted By Charlie Arehart

Jim, like others here, I've been using, demonstrating, and writing about CF integration with Java for several years, from calling Java objects and JSP custom tags within CFML, to leveraging servlet filters and other features, to deploying CFML on J2EE (sorry, Java EE) servers. Happy to help however I can.

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