Introducing Surfing Stats

I have finished coding my application for my hands-on session at 360:Flex Atlanta. The goal of the session is to walk attendees through building a simple application. You may download the source code for Surfing Stats using the download link.

The Flex framework is very powerful and offers lots of powerful functionality. I had trouble limiting myself in scope. I only have 4 hours to teach so I want to make sure I leave the students with a functional and instructive application.

Without futher ado, I want to introduce Surfing Stats. This application consumes XML data from my BlogCFC installation at and displays the data in table, bar chart and pie chart format. Each dataset is represented as a tab. Clicking on the tab enables the relevant display options.

In the next few weeks I'll wrap up the course materials of the session. I'll probably blog some to finalize my thinking on the session. I do not expect to trim any base functionality of Surfing Stats, though there are several fancy add-ons in the current version we will cover should the class progress at a quick pace.

As a reminder, 360:Flex Atlanta will be held February 25-27, 2008 in Atlanta, GA. If you would like to learn how to build an XML fed charting application with the Flex Platform, attend my hands on session.

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1/2/08 1:56 PM # Posted By Dan Vega

What a great little application and a nice way to learn more about flex. I can't wait to read your follow up posts, thanks!

11/10/08 4:31 PM # Posted By sohbet

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12/2/08 12:17 PM # Posted By sohbet

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1/11/09 6:29 AM # Posted By Sohbet Siteleri

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10/10/10 3:45 PM # Posted By chatortam

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