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The fine folks at have added a ColdFusion tag. Now you can add your coldfusion content to and reach millions of developers from around the world.

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Thanks to for adding the tag.

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1/17/08 9:34 PM # Posted By Jim Priest
1/17/08 10:38 PM # Posted By Brian Kotek

I added the little widget to submit an entry to the bottom section of my blog entry display! I recommend everyone else do the same. Instructions are at the DZone site under "tools/buttons".

5/1/08 10:08 AM # Posted By izolasyon

thanked post

7/2/08 7:55 PM # Posted By digg
12/26/14 12:18 AM # Posted By gaurav

Thanks for this informative post.
I am also using DZONE but i didnt get clicks and views to my article.
Do you have any suggestions to increase clicks and views


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