Pablo Vos Presents Ten facts why Coldfusion beats PHP and ASP

Someone just forwarded an article from Pablo Vos, "10 facts why ColdFusion is better than PHP or ASP". The 10 facts are are compelling reasons why IT managers and executives should prefer ColdFusion over PHP or ASP.

In my experience, ColdFusion makes the most sense as an enterprise web application development language. Compatibilities with other languages, integrated libraries and high levels of language functionality all make for the fastest application delivery platform available.

Clients tell me of the extra effort in Offshoring complex projects but feel they have no choice due to the manpower needed to keep IT systems current and competitive. I consistently work with them to show how utilizing ColdFusion will accomplish their goals and reduce needed IT FTEs.

We are entering a new dawn of ColdFusion. Increasing amounts of organizations understand how ColdFusion can tie into disparate systems and quickly offer feature-rich applications requiring minimal maintenance manpower.

After all, success in business is in spending less and accomplishing more than your competitors, isn't it?

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