Solving Problems with FireBug

Dave Ferguson posted recently about HTML CFGRID style column content and focuses on how to style columns in an HTML CFGRID. The true gem of this post is how he used Firebug to walk down the markup and find the class names and properties of the CFGRID output.

Firebug is truly a wondrous tool. I use it every single day and I save a TREMENDOUS amount of time when working with HTML and Javascript. Also, I've really reduced the number of times typing:

view plain print about
1alert('what is this variable ' + varName );
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1alert('Just work this time, #$*@*&$&!! ' + varName );

I wrote about Firebug previously and provided a link to a Video by Joe Hewitt explaining the feature set of Firebug 1.0. Joe Hewitt created Firebug and does a great job showcasing the features on this video, courtesy of YUI Theater. I recommend viewing this video, if you have not already.

Thanks go to Dave his original post. I look forward to more great content at Dave Ferguson's blog.

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