Learning OO and have questions?

Taking the decision to learn OO programming can be a confusing route. With all the new and complicated taxonomy, variety of opinions and general annoyances of OO programming, where do you turn for advice?

Doesn't it seem that most OO discussions take place on the ModelGlue or MachII mailing list? While that is true, I would like to point out two resources that are truly gems. The #ColdFusion channel on Dalnel IRC is a great place to ask questions and get help. Staffed by a set of ColdFusion Experts, simply join the channel, introduce yourself and ask away...

The second resource is the CFCDev listserv. This listserv has been in operation since CF6 came out. The focus is on OO programming and spans across the various frameworks and methodologies across the ColdFusion landscape.

I confess to having read each one of the archived posts early on in my transition to OO programming. You can find the Archives for CFCDev as well as the Registration for CFCDev

Happy Programming!

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